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Birthdays [free]

Birthdays [free]

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Birthdays [free] Birthdays [free] Birthdays [free] Birthdays [free]

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Notifier of Birthday!
The app lets you quickly view various events from your phone's address book birthdays, anniversaries, other) as well as reminding you of the upcoming ones.
When browsing the list of events, you have the following options:
•Hiding events you don't want to see.
•Choose entries to be displayed first (nearest next event, first event of the year, month, or all of the previous month's events).
•Choose the way contact names are displayed (First Name first, Surname first).
•View all contacts, including the ones without any events.
•Open the contact for the selected event (for editing the event, composing a TXT, calling).
•Edit events directly in the app.
•Choosing types of events to be displayed (birthdays, anniversaries, other).
•Show the number of days to (or since) the event.
•Choose date format.
•Open the nearest event.
•Highlight hidden events or events that have already occurred.
To remind you of the upcoming events you can use the widget and/or notifications. Reminders can be set up to: ignore hidden events, show notifications a number of days before the event, notify with sound, etc.
App takes up very little space.
Please post your comments and suggestions to the website (so that they can get discussed).

Birthdays [free] 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:(1.4.0) Editing of event is added

(1.4.1) English language is corrected, Widget 2x1 is added

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Birthdays [free] 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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