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Speed Multiplayer - SDC 2011下载

Speed Multiplayer - SDC 2011

Speed Multiplayer - SDC 2011

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Speed Multiplayer - SDC 2011 Speed Multiplayer - SDC 2011 Speed Multiplayer - SDC 2011

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This app has been developed by participants at the 2011 Software Development Camp, arranged by UNF (Danish Youth Association of Science) see more at http://software.unf.dk.All teaching and development occurred over the time span of four days, with most participants having little to no previous programming experience.About this app:Speed is a 2-player card game that has been played for centuries. We made this app, because we love the cardgame, and want to play it all the time :) Now, you are able to play it with your friends too.Rules: Each player has 5 stacks. Stack 1 contain 1 card, stack 2 contains 2 cards and so on. The players can move cards from his decks to the deck in the middle of the screen. You can only move cards if you have a card that is one higher, or one lower than the card in the middle. If no player can lay a card in the middle decks, press one of the gray buttons, and new cards from the remaining cards in the deck will appear. The winner of the two players is the person who gets rid of all his cards first!Instead of using pictures of cards, we have chosen to use numbers.It is possible to lay number 1 on card 13 and 13 on card 1.Speed Multiplayer is an ad-free game that you can enjoy with your friends. The card game is also known as Slam or Spit.

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扑克棋牌 棋类
Android 2.1.0 以上

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