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ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking

ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking

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ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking

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ComfortDelGro Android Taxi Booking is the ideal taxi booking application for individuals on the go. This user-friendly application offers convenience to both registered and non-registered users by allowing them to book a taxi with their current location, determined by their phone GPS. Bookmark your favourite addresses to launch at startup and experience an accelerated access for your future taxi bookings. What’s more? As an existing registered user of web booking, you may login with your user-id and password to view your latest last 3 pick-up locations. Let’s talk about convenience at your fingertips! Why wait? Sign up now at www.webbooking.cdgtaxi.com.sg to experience the ease of convenience! Functionalities Available New Booking− Booking of current and advance jobs are available− Auto population of user’s current location into the pickup address Last Booking– This feature is only available for user who login. User can book using the address of his / her past bookings. Application will capture addresses of user’s past bookings using web, mobile and Android up to a maximum of 3 addresses.– Pick up address and point will be captured based on your last booking. Favourites– User can mark his or her frequent pickup address as Favourites and use this address for future bookings.– Bookmark favourite addresses from status tab– Storage of maximum 20 favourite addresses– Personalised description for each favourite address Booking Status– Added in-app push notification for all taxi bookings.SMS confirmation will no longer be sent.– Location tracking for confirmed taxi booking (immediate tracking available for current bookings and tracking available 10mins before pickup time for advance bookings)– Check the status or cancel taxi bookings regardless of the channels. For example, user may book a taxi using SMS channel and subsequently check the status of this booking using Android booking application. Feedback– We value your feedback. You may share your taxi experience with our Customer Service team via feedback feature. System RequirementsComfortDelGro Taxi Booking application can run on v1.6 and above. Features of this application may vary according to different versions of operating system and the phone models.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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