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SMRT Book a Taxi

SMRT Book a Taxi

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SMRT Book a Taxi SMRT Book a Taxi

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SMRT Taxi Booking
A few taps on your Android phone will be all it takes to book a cab with the SMRT taxi booking app. Avoid busy phone lines and skip long taxi queues – all with this app. You can now travel in comfort with us.
Our Tap a Cab app can even detect your location automatically, allowing your booking details to be confirmed at your convenience and comfort, without the need to interface with a call agent. For easy bookings in future, you can add frequent pickup addresses as “Favourites”, or simply re-book from a record of past booking addresses.
Booking details such as cab number and estimated arrival time will be sent via SMS.
So go on, download our Tap a Cab app now to enjoy all these convenience at your comfort.
New Bookings
Choice of current and advance bookings
Auto-detection and insertion of your current or selected location from the map into the pickup address
Selection of taxi type
Selection of number of taxis (up to 3 taxis)
Booking Status
Booking status will be shown on the booking page and also sent via SMS
Last Locations
No registration is required to enjoy this feature
App will capture addresses of your past bookings. You can book a cab using the address of your past booking with a simple tap at your comfort.
History of up to 10 addresses
No registration is required to enjoy this feature
Bookmark your frequent pickup address as “Favourites” and use these addresses for future bookings
Personalise the description and icon for each favourite address
Storage of up to 4 favourite addresses

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Android 2.0 以上

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