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Snookify Me Lite Snookify Me Lite Snookify Me Lite Snookify Me Lite

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Snookify Me Lite! Now available for the Android!
Snookify Me Lite! is Snooki’s first and only Official App. Dress up and get your GTL on like the famous New Jersey Shore star in just seconds! Snookify Me! takes the most popular of Snooki’s clothes, hairstyles, sunglasses, jewelry and allows you to put them on photos of you, your friends and even your pets! Post your Snookify Me! images to Facebook walls, save them to your phone or just share them by email from your straight from your phone! Upload your crazy funny Snookify Me! images to the online Snooki Gallery and allow others to rate them using Snooki’s special Pickle rating system. Submit your best Snooki photos and participate in upcoming contests where Snooki will personally select her favorite Snookify Me! pictures and tweet them out to millions of her fans to envy and see.
• Wear some of the most famous Snooki outfits including her animal prints
• Get a tan in seconds without a sweat
• Works with photos taken with your device camera or from your photo gallery
• Save results to your photo gallery
• Share with your friends via email or Facebook
• View and rate other submissions
• Upload images to the built in Snooki Gallery and allow others to rate them using the special
Pickle rating system

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Android 2.3.3 以上

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