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PicMagic 描述

Flavor your pictures with diverse colors & effects by PicMagic application that lets you to instantly spread magic on to your photos in a custom-made way. With this Android based application, you could easily spice-up a boring picture by applying point and shoot picture effects. The application is extremely engaging, as it offers amazingly marvelous picture effects with brilliant quality results. The application has got wonderful menu that comprises of pencil sketch, color sketch, color pencil sketch, broken glass, rain effect, pattern image effect, X-ray effect and water color effect. You could set attractive backgrounds in pencil sketch, color pencil sketch to desired pictures, to make dull image looks stunning & appealing.

PicMagic is an easy and instant way to get personalized pictures without taking any trouble. The application accepts pictures from both the modes including camera mode (take picture from camera) &image gallery mode (take picture from photo gallery). Even saving & sharing of picture is extremely easy and instantaneous with PicMagic; you can easily mail it or share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

This is a must-have application for photo editing & creativity lovers, who are seeking for unique & impressive featured picture fun & magic tool. The application lets you to enjoy:

• Perfect pencil sketches

• Color pencil sketch with bundle of colorful pencil shades

• Broken glass effect with three different styles

• Rain effect with three special techniques

• Pattern image effect with five impressive textures

• X-ray effect in black & white and original photo effect

• Exceptional Water color effect

• Color sketch effect

• Share your creativity instantly via email & social networking sites

• Easy preview feature

To know more about the application and its working, download this wonderful application now!

PicMagic 更新内容


Improved performance,bug fixes,multiple display supportable in this version

PicMagic 历史版本

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PicMagic 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上
Sparx IT Solutions Pvt Ltd



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