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SPIE Conferences SPIE Conferences

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SPIE Conferences

Hold the program of all current and upcoming SPIE conferences, including Photonics West, Defense, Security, and Sensing, and Optics + Photonics, in the palm of your hand.

Search and browse presentations, courses, exhibitors, participants, and special events.

View presentation abstracts and authors, course instructor biographies, participant profiles, and exhibitor descriptions and contact information.

Build a personalized schedule using the My Schedule feature or sync with the schedule you've already created on SPIE.org.

Use the What's Happening feature to get an instant list of events happening now, in an hour, or for the entire morning, afternoon, or evening.

More than 180,000 people from 168 countries are connected through SPIE. SPIE annually organizes and sponsors approximately 25 major technical forums, exhibitions, and education programs in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. The Society advances emerging technologies through interdisciplinary information exchange, continuing education, publications, patent precedent, and career and professional growth.

In 2009, the Society provided more than $2 million in support of scholarships, grants, and other education programs around the world. SPIE publishes the SPIE Digital Library, containing more than 296,000 research papers from the Proceedings of SPIE and the Society's 9 scholarly journals, and more than 120 eBooks from the SPIE Press catalog. SPIE Press publishes print monographs, tutorial texts, field guides, and reference books. SPIE also publishes a wide variety of open-access content.

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