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NFL by StatSheet NFL by StatSheet NFL by StatSheet NFL by StatSheet NFL by StatSheet NFL by StatSheet

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If you are a fan of the National Football League, this is the one app you must have. NFL by StatSheet gives you previews, recaps, live scoring and up-to-the-minute analysis based on real-time stats and historical trends. We leverage our advanced technology and database of over two billion statistics to give you unique insights and proprietary metrics, including team power rankings and individual player rankings and grades. We even arm you with fact-based smack talk to send to your friends. Download the app and prepare to unleash the power of data!
NFL by StatSheet includes:
- Live play-by-play for every game for every NFL team
- Dynamically updated Live Page with up-to-the-minute scores, player stats, ball possession status, down number, and distance to 1st down for every NFL game
- Every NFL team’s full schedule with quick-view access to full game boxscores and player stats
- Daily articles and analysis throughout the season, including previews and recaps for every game
- Sortable team and player stats for every team in the league
- Proprietary StatSheet metrics like StatRank, which algorithmically ranks every player and team in the league
- Stat-based grades for the season and for each game for every player
- Continuously updated standings
- Full rosters for every NFL team
- StatSmack. Our stat-based trash talking app that arms you with irrefutable data to send to your friends on why your team is better than any other team on the planet.
- Links to our StatSheet NFL Twitter and Facebook accounts for every team. Follow us for dynamic in-game updates on scores, big plays, win probability and more!
Teams covered:
NFC East
- Dallas Cowboys
- New York Giants
- Philadelphia Eagles
- Washington Redskins
NFC West
- Arizona Cardinals
- San Francisco 49ers
- Seattle Seahawks
- St. Louis Rams
NFC North
- Chicago Bears
- Detroit Lions
- Green Bay Packers
- Minnesota Vikings
NFC South
- Atlanta Falcons
- Carolina Panthers
- New Orleans Saints
- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
AFC East
- Buffalo Bills
- Miami Dolphins
- New England Patriots
- New York Jets
AFC West
- Denver Broncos
- Kansas City Chiefs
- Oakland Raiders
- San Diego Chargers
AFC North
- Baltimore Ravens
- Cincinnati Bengals
- Cleveland Browns
- Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South
- Houston Texans
- Indianapolis Colts
- Jacksonville Jaguars
- Tennessee Titans
© 2011 StatSheet, Inc. All rights reserved. NFL by StatSheet is part of the StatSheet Network and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the National Football League. Certain scores and statistics copyright © 2011 by The Sports Network. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of The Sports Network is strictly prohibited.

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Sorry everyone! Build 1.0.4 was unnecessarily large. Build 1.0.5 should drastically reduce the install size.

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