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Timer Shot (Trial)

Timer Shot (Trial)

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Timer Shot (Trial) 截图

Timer Shot (Trial) Timer Shot (Trial) Timer Shot (Trial) Timer Shot (Trial) Timer Shot (Trial) Timer Shot (Trial)

Timer Shot (Trial) 描述

Take picture by timer or SMS, then send to Picasa Web album. You can check the remote place.

Timer shoot -- Take picture automatically in specified interval.

SMS shoot -- Take picture remotely by SMS.

Send to Picasa Web album -- Picture can be sent to picasa just after taken.

How to use.
-To set timer: Keep press on a label "Timer", then menu appears. Choose the interval by minutes.
-To send picture to Picasa Web Album: Google account is required. Register your google account to your device. Please confirm your Picasa Web Album available before use. Check "Send to Picasa" ON, then account selection dialog appears. *3G network is recommended, because WiFi may be disconnected when device sleep.
-To shoot by SMS: Check "Receive SMS" ON. You can specify sender number and message that invoke shooting. If specified, message not met these condition will be ignored.
-To view picture taken: Press thumbnail at left bellow, then picture gallery will appear. Picture can be delete at this screen.
*Only two pictures can be taken by trial version. Please delete
*Pict are stored in /sdcard/Android/data/stndstn.timershot.trial/files

Timer Shot (Trial) 更新内容


"View" function was added in menu of gallery. When you open the pict, you can push menu button and choose "View" from menu items. Then, embedded pict viewer will open and you may be able to some operation such as "send" or "use picture as".

Timer Shot (Trial) 历史版本

Timer Shot (Trial) 使用技巧

Timer Shot (Trial) 信息

影音播放 小工具
Android 2.1.0 以上
Takumi Tateishi

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