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Head Spin Head Spin Head Spin Head Spin Head Spin Head Spin

Head Spin 描述

Simple gaming pleasure.

Head Spin is a "casual platform game" with pick up and play appeal.

There are no on-screen buttons or complicated controls, just tilt and touch to explore the 20 levels. Beneath the simple controls lies a compelling game; collect all the buttons and try to beat the target time to get the elusive level master achievement for each level.

With realistic physics controlling your rolling head is intuitive and fun. And the cute graphics, made from real craft materials, bring the world of Head Spin to life.

Unlock three different characters with unique skills as you progress. Which will be your favourite?

There is no death in Head Spin, just simple care free game-play, for the pure joy of rolling, jumping and collecting.

Stone Baked Games is a one man, part-time indie game developer and Head Spin is something of a learning experience. Please forgive any rough edges and if you experience any problems send the crash report with your device model and Android version in the comments so that I can fix it quickly. I've not managed to test Head Spin on many different devices so I'd like to hear of any issues you have.

Head Spin was developed with AndEngine, a free open source Android game engine.

Key words: platform game, tilt, physics, craft materials, collect, AndEngine

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Head Spin 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上
Stone Baked Games

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