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You smoke cigarettes, rolling tobacco or cigars?
Tired of that for multiple reasons (health, money, self-control, ...)?
You try to stop your addiction to nicotine?
You tried everything to quit smoking but your efforts were unsuccessful?
Our app motivates you a bit more!
Quitting smoking is a challenge, but we can do that like if it was a game.
Qwit is an effective Android application that provides you with the support you need when you quit smoking :
• Detailed statistics to have a better perspective of your addiction.
> This application adapts you and provides many statistics (money saved, days without tobacco, no smoked cigarettes, life expectancy gained, time saved in not smoking, number of packs of cigarettes not purchased, end of your physical dependence,...).
• Your health, your priority.
> Want to know what are the benefits of your stop smoking? Qwit give you information related to your health as targets to complete. For example: did you know that after two days without tobacco, smell and taste improve?
• Qwit is like a game!
> With Qwit you earn Medals based on your performance : number of unsmoked cigarettes, time spent without tobacco, etc. Each medal can be shared on social networks with a single click.
• Remind yourself why you quit smoking.
> With Qwit, you can write your reasons for quitting ("sick of the smell of cigarette butts", "nicotine prevents me from really relax", "cigarette package is too expensive",...). If you ever want to smoke, read them! Moreover, you will see one of your reasons every 24 hours in the notifications bar.
• Keep it simple!
> This application is lightweight and easy to configure. The configuration should not take you more than 30 seconds. After all, quitting smoking should not be a fuss!
• Need more motivation to confront your addiction to cigarette?
> Qwit allows you to track your progress via a desktop Widget... and you can choose the color of the Widget !
• Tell the world that smoking is finished!
> Encourage your smoking friends and reassure your parents. You can share your stats and medals by email, SMS, or social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ...).
• Special Version for touch pads
> A special interface has been designated for touch pads. Enjoy!
• For a world free of the greatest murderer in history!
> Qwit is an app for the world! This application has been translated into more than 20 languages.
• One of quit smoking app the most downloaded on Android.
> More than 500,000 international downloads on the Google Play Store! Thank you :)
• Qwit was created with love.
> We are improving all the time this application. Currently, this is the third version. The two previous versions were called Stop Smoking. We took the best of these versions and user feedback in order to offer you a simple and effective application to help you stop smoking.
Abstinence is a method that can work. It depends of your motivation and how you stop smoking. Using an application like Qwit can make your tobacco withdrawal more enjoyable because you will feel like playing. This is what is called gamification.
Do not hesitate to get help as possible for your loved ones or a tobacco specialist for example.
Think of your health, be master of your destiny and choose the end of your story ...
We wish you a good success!
>想知道什么是你戒烟的好处? Qwit让您与您的健康为目标,以完整的信息。例如:你可知道,两天后无烟草,香,味改善?
• 把事情简单化!
> Qwit允许你通过桌面小工具跟踪你的进步...你可以选择窗口小部件的颜色!
> Qwit是世界的应用程序!该应用程序已被翻译成超过20种语言。
> 50多万国际下载在谷歌Play商店!谢谢 :)

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We put Google Analytics for a better comprehension of the user experience. With that, we will make a new and better version of the app ! :)

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