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SyPressure (Barometer)

SyPressure (Barometer)

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SyPressure (Barometer) SyPressure (Barometer) SyPressure (Barometer) SyPressure (Barometer) SyPressure (Barometer) SyPressure (Barometer)

SyPressure (Barometer) 描述

Make use of your Barometer sensor!

Must have application for every Galaxy S III, Nexus and Galaxy Note owner.

Includes beatiful widget.

Simple and elegant with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) look and feel.

1) Real time pressure on elegant gauge.
2) Barometric altimeter (Pro version only)
3) Pressure variometer (try it in the elevator)
4) Historical chart
5) Pressure trend and weather predictions
6) Multiple units (hPa, inHg, mmHg, psi, atm)
7) Weather alerts on notification bar

Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S III, Nexus and Galaxy Note

Check out the PRO version without ads!

Please note that application requires "pressure sensor" to be present in your device (It is not required by manifest file due to testing purposes).
On devices without pressure sensor, fake values are presented and the widget won't work.

Place SyPressure widget on your home screen to enable sampling.

Please note that trends accuracy improves after several hours of sampling.

Upcoming updates:

- improve predictions accuracy
- aquire pressure from network (for devices without sensor)
- coarse location and gps location detection in order to get altitude and improve predictions (as requested by some users)
- pro version without ads

Please consider to email me with problems rather than posting them in rates. This is a good practice that help developers solve problems and keep application popular.

Thank you. And have fun!

barometer, barometr, pressure, air pressure, nexus, note, s3, s III, altimeter

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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