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Cost Manager beta

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Cost Manager beta Cost Manager beta Cost Manager beta Cost Manager beta Cost Manager beta Cost Manager beta

Cost Manager beta 描述

Want to know where your money goes?
Cost Manager (Budget Manager) will actually help you save the money by giving you deep and throw expense analysis. And what is most important, CM is super easy to use!
Cost Manager manages personal expenses, keeps track of costs, works as a bill reminder, a checkbook register and a budget manager! Extremely easy to use and in the same time most flexible personal budget manager in a market.
• very simple to setup and use
• enter a cost in 3 clicks
• unlimited number of categories and subcategories
• clean and good looking design
• detailed reports for overview of costs with in depth cost analysis
• multiple themes to fit your phone style
• convenient tools such calculator
• export to desktop money managers (eg. Quicken) for expense reporting etc.
• backup and restore supported
• saves your money by making you aware where it goes
Examples of usage:
1. Manage home budget by tracking all costs broken in appropriate categories
2. Compare costs for two cars you are using and be aware which one is more affordable. You can see if maintenance costs you more than gasoline for example.
3. Manage groups of expenses so you can see what food are you eating and on what food are you spending the most for example. Are you spend too much money on a fast food :)?
4. Track your utility bills so you can see what bills are paid and what not and see how big they are compared to previous period.
5. App is flexible so you can come up with scenarios customized for your needs

“Cost Manager is an incredibly convenient tool” – Android Apps Review 2011
“Cost Manager ... is the best Android app for monitoring home expenses, taking control of your spending and budget calculator” – Mobile Connection May 2012
“Monitoring your costs has become an essential task in a crisis time ... which is why apps like Cost Manager are becoming so important.” MobilniSvet 2010

Cost Manager beta 更新内容

Minor localization bugfixing.
Added possibility do have custom date from. IE show listings from 10th of month.
In last version incomes are added but simplicity of application is preserved.
Incomes are grouped by the type similar as costs and displayed as negative costs.
Thanks to all of you who helped CostManager improve.
If you like CostManager give it a 5 stars. Thanks!.
If you have suggestion or note, please post on CM Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/CostManager

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Cost Manager beta 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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