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T20 Cricket 2012

T20 Cricket 2012

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T20 Cricket 2012 T20 Cricket 2012 T20 Cricket 2012 T20 Cricket 2012 T20 Cricket 2012

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Experience the game in different modes! T20 CRICKET 2016 MODE Be a part of a world class series with the all enthralling Tournament Mode - Experience the passion, walk down the pitch to a billion cheers and play the larger than life T20 CRICKET 2016. CHALLENGE MODE Take on new tests in Challenge Mode - Play and guide your team to victory while batting or bowling through grueling rounds of intense cricketing action. Unlock each challenge by testing your skills in batting or bowling. QUICK MATCH MODE Play it fast in Quick Match Mode - Select your favorite team and play against opponents who are fighting for the title. HIGHLIGHTS - Choose from 12 teams - Play in Auto and manual batting modes - Watch Cheerleaders dance to your shots and wickets - Simple touch controls to bat and bowl - Tutorial section included teaching step by step batting and bowling controls of the game Be the one for whom a nation cheers! Download now to live the experience! 体验游戏在不同的模式! 板球世界杯2016年MODE 成为世界级系列的所有扣人心弦的比赛模式的一部分 - 体验激情,走在球场上一十亿欢呼和发挥比生命板球世界杯2016年更大。    挑战模式 就以在挑战模式新的测试 - 播放和引导你的球队取得胜利,同时通过艰苦的两轮激烈的板球击球动作或保龄球。在击球或打保龄球测试你的技能解锁每一个挑战。 快速匹配模式 快玩它在快速比赛模式 - 选择你最喜欢的球队交手的对手谁是战斗的冠军。 强调 - 选择从12支球队 - 玩游戏时自动和手动模式击球 - 观看拉拉队舞蹈,你的投篮和小门 - 简单的触摸控制蝙蝠和碗 - 教程部分包括游戏的一步击球和保龄球控制教学的步骤 是那个对他们来说,一个国家的欢呼声! 立即下载生活体验!

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Android 1.5.0 以上
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