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Route-1 截图

Route-1 Route-1 Route-1 Route-1 Route-1

Route-1 描述

The other for blocking a goal to set up a wall to be in his favor.
Route-1 is a strategy type board game. Be reach faster than opponent. Create a wall in self favor.
:: Rules::
[Set up the first]
Place the piece and goal.
Put your piece and opponent's goal. Those are same place.
[Move the pieces]
You can move 8 directions.
You can move one field at a time.
You can not pass through walls.
Continue toward my goal.
[Reverse rule]
When you move into the opponent's field, and your piece will swap position of the other piece.
The game ends when there occurs two times in a row.
Winner is determines by the distance to the goal.
Either move to another field, the reverse is canceled to create a wall.
[Final turn rule]
The game is end when reached the final turn before the finish either.
Winner is determines by the distance to the goal.
[Create the wall]
Create the wall vertically or horizontally as a center of field's corner.
The wall's length is doubled size of field.
You can not go through walls.
Consider the relative position and place the pieces together and goal.
Please note that set them on a limited number of stock to the wall.
[Condition of the wall]
All of the following must be met.
1. There is a corner of the field that can be created the wall
2. The wall is not zero stock
3. Do not reached the border of fields
4. Do not overlap
5. Do not intersect
6. Must arrive at the goal of each other from all fields
'Route-1' indicates that there is only one route at least.
:: Victory::
- I reached my goal
- The resign of your opponent
- Closer to the goal than your opponent when the reverse end
- Closer to the goal than your opponent when the final turn end
- Goal same time
- When the reverse end, same distance to the goal
- When the final turn end, same distance to the goal
[Set up the piece and goal]
Touch the field where you like.
[Move the piece]
Move the piece is done with a flick.
I do anywhere on the screen, please flick in 8 directions.
Move the pieces in the same direction when they are recognized.
[Creating the wall]
To create the wall to be touch & flick.
Touch the field near the corner of the marker appears.
And anywhere on the screen, please flick horizontally or vertically.
The wall will be created in the same direction as the center marker when it is recognized.
When I want to erase marker and touch it again.
Please note that the piece moves to flick when marker is not set.

Route-1 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:* Update SDK
* Decrease cpu thinking time.

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Android 1.6 以上



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