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优惠券的应用程序 优惠券的应用程序 优惠券的应用程序 优惠券的应用程序 优惠券的应用程序 优惠券的应用程序

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The #1 App For Coupons Just Got Better!
Tens of millions of downloads since 2008! Unbelievable coupons and deals at your favorite stores, restaurants & gas stations - coupons always at your fingertips, everywhere you go!
TheCouponsApp.com features:
★ Mobile coupons and weekly ads are updated daily. Redeem cash saving coupon rebates right from your phone. No need to print! Also includes weekly ads and Sunday sales for grocery stores like Kroger, Aldi and Winn Dixie. Hot new deals from Forever 21, Gamestop, Kohl's, Dollar General, Lowe's, Home Depot, Walgreens, Cartwheel and JCPenney!
★ NOTIFICATIONS instantly alert you to new offers for only your favorite stores, chosen by you!
★ GAS prices - Check the cheapest gas at a glance for local gas stations. Gas prices update based on your current location - save money on gas whenever you fill up, wherever you travel.
★ BARCODE scanner - Price comparison shopping tool, instantly see if your grocery coupons can double in value!
• Coupon categories such as superstores (Walmart, Target Cartwheel), drugstores (CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite Aid) to kidswear (Carters, Gap).
• Grocery like organics from Whole Foods & Fresh Market make the list. Supermarkets such as Publix, Jewel-Osco, Save a Lot, BI LO, Food Lion & Hy Vee, or designer brand name fashion from mall anchors like Macys & Saks Fifth Avenue.
• Restaurants like Chilis, Chipotle & Fridays. Fast food coupons for McDonalds, Taco Bell & Burger King. Pizza discounts at Papa Johns, Dominos & Pizza Hut. Sandwich deals at Subway, Jersey Mikes & more.
• Search coupons and local Groupon daily deals for friends, gifts & while travelling. Warehouse clubs like Sam's Club & other department stores including Banana Republic and Old Navy, Big Lots, Sears, Kohl's, Dillards, Toys R Us, Walgreens and Victoria's Secret.
• Find a coupon or cash back rebates for your favorite fashion brands like H&M, Payless Shoes and many more! Shop savvy with The Coupons App!
的数以百万计的下载数万自2008年难以置信的优惠券和交易在你最喜爱的商店,餐馆和加油站 - 优惠券始终在您的指尖,你去任何地方!
★天然气价格 - 检查最便宜的加油站在当地加油站一目了然。根据您目前的位置天然气价格更新 - 节省汽油钱,只要你填写,无论您的旅行。
★条码扫描器 - 价格比较购物工具,立即看到您的购物券可以在价值翻倍!
•优惠券的类别,如超市(沃尔玛,塔吉特车轮),药房(CVS连锁药店,沃尔格林,Rite Aid公司),以童装(卡特,峡)。
•搜索优惠券和本地Groupon的团购朋友,礼品,旅行时。仓储式购物俱乐部像山姆俱乐部和其他百货商场,包括香蕉Republic和Old Navy,Big Lots的,西尔斯,科尔的,迪拉兹,玩具反斗城,沃尔格林和维多利亚的秘密。

优惠券的应用程序 更新内容

* v10.56 Improvements:
- Turn on bluetooth near grocery stores & malls for exclusive coupons
- Local coupons updated & resolved
- Enhanced local offers
- Huge list of minor crash & glitch fixes
- Faster app opening + slow internet options
* REMOVED some app permissions
* Loyalty cards widget
* Does it Double? Scan grocery coupons & know before you go!
* Birthday category
* Multi wireless print - also print to PDF online
* Auto-backup & restore
* Security improvements
* Unlocked

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购物 生活实用工具
Android 1.5 以上
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