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Topple Towers Lite

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Topple Towers Lite Topple Towers Lite Topple Towers Lite Topple Towers Lite Topple Towers Lite Topple Towers Lite

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Have you always wanted to fire medieval canons at constructed towers in your garden but now have several restraining orders saying you mustn't ? No, OK just me then, but if you like 3D physics puzzle games you're in luck !
Introducing Topple Towers. Manoeuvre your cannon around a series of increasingly complexed puzzle towers, blast any red blocks out of them while ensuring that the green ones stay put. Manipulate contraptions involving cogs, chains and other machinery. Marvel at a surprising use of a gyrocopter and utilise different materials such as ice , wood and steel to your advantage.
All safe in the knowledge that you will never have to come up with unconvincing excuses as to why there are cannon ball sized holes in your neighbours fence.
Please note that Topple Towers is best played on a device with an 800 mhz or faster processor along with 512mb Ram. If you don't mind tinkering with a few settings it will run on less powerful devices but you will probably need to run it in slow motion mode. Likewise if you have a shiny new dual core device such as a tegra 2 be sure to go into the preferences menu and turn on "Ultra physics" mode to take advantage of all its maths solving smugness. If you experience any problems with the game please read the help file included with the game for possible solutions. If you still experience problems please contact me at ianstanbridge@gmail.com.
Thanks for your feedback and bug reports so far. Some people have had queries about the movie at the start being jerky and suggesting I use a different movie format. Thanks for the suggestions but it's intentionally designed that way. It's a loading screen which flicks through a series of images while it is decompressing the game. It's like that so that the game will load as fast as the processor and ram in your phone allow and displays my name written in the clouds in the background while loading to deter against the small number of unscrupulous developers who have started stealing games and trying to sell them as their own work.
A few people have also reported it force closing on their phone at startup. The game checks to see if your device has enough free ram and a good enough graphics chip to run while starting. If it doesn't find enough then it will automatically close to prevent causing problems on your device. In some cases restarting your device may help free up enough ram to allow it to run on devices with less than 512mb ram.
Also if you have a high end android tablet with a high resolution display then the graphics will look a lot sharper if you turn on the 'native definition' option in the graphics menu.
This is the free lite version of Topple Towers. A full version is also available that contains more than 5 times as many puzzles.
请注意,推翻塔,512MB内存以及设备上的最好发挥,以800 MHz或更快的处理器。如果你不介意与一些设置摆弄它会运行在不太强大的设备,但是你可能需要在慢动作模式下运行。同样,如果你有一个全新的双核设备,比如Tegra 2的一定要进入首选项菜单,打开“超物理学”模式,采取所有的数学解决沾沾自喜的优势。如果您遇到任何问题与游戏请仔细阅读附带的游戏可能的解决方案的帮助文件。如果您仍然遇到问题,请在ianstanbridge@gmail.com与我联系。
一些人也报告迫使它在启动时关闭其手机上。游戏会检查您的设备是否有足够的可用RAM和足够好的图形芯片,同时开始运行。如果没有找到足够然后它会自动关闭,以避免造成您的设备上的问题。在某些情况下,重新启动您的设备可以帮助腾出足够的内存,使其能够少于512MB RAM的设备上运行。

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