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Le Mans Guide Free Le Mans Guide Free Le Mans Guide Free Le Mans Guide Free

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Following on from our highly regarded Motorsport Calendar series, we have created a visual guide for the Le Mans 24 hours race, updated year on year. Showing all cars in their full glory, together with their category, chassis and engine details. The country in which the team is registered is also displayed, by indicating the national flag of that country. Each entry also shows the drivers of each car (that have been confirmed thus far).
Please also see our own Live Timing App which can keep you up-to-date about positions within the WEC rounds and Le Mans itself. All sessions are covered, not just race day!
We publish our own description of each entry, giving insight and information regarding each car and the drivers' experience or past racing triumphs. Most of these are already available, some of them will be updated soon.
The App works well on Large, Extra large, Medium and even Small screened devices.
If you find any issues with this App, please let us know by email and we will do our utmost to resolve issues as soon as possible.
Porsche is back and now so is Ford!!
Audi take on Toyota, Hybrids versus Diesel and Petrol engined cars. Other manufacturers attack this challenge with a passion, Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari, Ford, Chevrolet and Aston Martin. Steeped in history and an embodiment of endurance racing.
Past winners such as Tom Kristensen, Alan McNish, Dindo Capello, Martin Brundle feature. Class winners like David Brabham, Jan Magnussen and former Formula One drivers such as Anthony Davidson, Pedro Lamy, Stefan Johannsen, Nick Heidfeld and Sebastien Buemi. Hot shoe GT drivers like Sarrazin, Minassian, Bouchut, Danny Watts, Sebastien Bourdais and Emmanuel Collard.
They all join together for the greatest endurance race known to man.
Les Vingt Quatre heures du Mans. Circuit de la Sarthe.
The Le Mans 24 hours endurance race forms part of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).
This App was developed using Basic4Android, B4A.
** this App will be updated this week with photos from the Test Day **
过去的获奖者,如克里斯滕森,阿兰·麦克尼什,Dindo卡佩罗,马丁布伦德尔功能。类获奖者​​像大卫·布拉汉姆,扬·马格努森,前一级方程式车手,如安东尼·戴维森,佩德罗·拉米,斯特凡·约翰森,尼克 - 海德菲尔德和布米。热靴GT司机像萨拉兹,Minassian,Bouchut,丹尼·沃茨,塞巴斯蒂安·布尔代和Emmanuel Collard的。

Le Mans Guide Free 更新内容

1.6.3 All photos added now and driver lineups updated - there might still be one driver to rename, but it hasn't been confirmed as yet...!
1.6.2 Photos from the official Le Mans test day added.
1.6.1 Photos and driver line ups from Silverstone. This is the first update for 2016, more to follow after the test day on the 5th June and leading up to the race as changes happen.

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