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Deepmemo 描述

Save for free and find easily everything you read, see, write or say!

The inner workings of deepmemo

Deepmemo — is a simple tool designed for creation, storage, accessing and searching for any created notes in the Gmail-box and Google Docs. Simply save your text-notes, photo-notes, video-notes, make records of your audio-notes or create reminders and task-lists.

Deepmemo does not require synchronization, since all the information is stored in the Gmail cloud, and is copied into the Google Docs. To view all the notes, please sign in to your Gmail account and proceed to the deepmemo folder there or to the one on GoogleDocs.

Deepmemo is featuring:
- writing text-notes;
- recording audio-notes;
- making photo and video-notes;
- creation of reminders for well-timed notifications;
- cross-posting notes to Facebook and Twitter;
- discussion of notes with your friends with the help of ‘What I Say’ applet;
- storage, workable on your territory, within the Gmail space;
- simple search for everything you have saved and written;
- no need to synchronize notes - everything is stored in Gmail;
- notes auto-saving.

How to use deepmemo
Use deepmemo for work and recreation. Save interesting sites in the browser by means of the toolbar. Store interesting quotes and use them in your presentations for work and leisure. Make snapshots of business cards and handwriting to rid yourself of excessive paperwork. Make audio recordings of conferencing events and lectures, take photos of plans outlines and research drafts, - it will all be easily searched for and looked up for a handy use. Store up your ideas on the go. Take photos of discount information, special offers and products to shop around to your maximal avail. Keep your accounts, receipts and tickets, contractual agreements, and thus bring your personal finance into order.

For students
Are your lecture-notes being sought after all the time by the other students for a spin-off? Or are you feeling reluctant to write notes during a lecture? Deepmemo is the answer: create an audio-note with your audio-recorder and share it with your friends by clicking “Share”.

For travellers
Plan your journeys ahead of time. Take photos of interesting sites, keep description of certain places. Your notes are automatically checked-in under your Google maps, and you will always be able to look up that which you have interestingly spotted.

For IT specialists
Work with deepmemo on the fly, keep your insightful ideas stored. Digitally store all the notes that were taken on a marker-board during a business meeting. Create a list of tasks to correctly organize your work.

For house-wives
Store your recipes that have been found on the network, create shopping lists for your night out. Keep track of your household accounting, taking photos of your receipts and tickets.

For managers
Create an audio-note and record conversations at a business meeting; the audio-note will be automatically added to your Google calendar. You will always be in the know about the main theme of the past meeting and the precise time thereof.

For designers

Have you noticed something interesting - take a photo and store it up so that you could use it later in your workmanship. An idea came upon you? Make a draft of it with the help of the picture-note.

Deepmemo 更新内容


support for android 4.1 devices

bug fix

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Deepmemo 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上



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