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Review and share plans and construction documents, all from the convenience of your Android Device. OnSite PlanRoom is an innovative app designed to synchronize with ConstructionOnline, where you can easily upload and store your plans and construction documents! Download the app to sign up for your free ConstructionOnline account today. With these powerful tools it’s easy to:
View important project plans and documents when you’re away from the office
-Preview specifications, correspondence, and other construction documents in these formats: PDF, Word, Excel, RTFs, images, videos, and .mp3s
-Store files locally so that you can still view them when you are unable to connect to the internet
Keep your team connected with shared viewing and workspaces
-Send share links to your team members, clients, or anyone else, all from the app
-Control who can see and edit files by setting permissions in your ConstructionOnline account
Track progress with real-time updating and notifications
-View, Add, and Reply to Comments on your plans, documents, and images
-See a current thread of recent uploads, downloads, updates, and comments
OnSite PlanRoom lets you review and share plans and construction documents on your phone. Download this app and create your free 1 GB ConstructionOnline account today!
You can easily:
- View PDF Plans and Construction Documents from the convenience of your phone
- Preview Specifications, Correspondence, and other Construction Documents in these formats – PDF, Word, Excel, RTFs, and Images
- Share plans, documents, and images with team members, clients, etc. by sending share links from the app
- View, Add, or Reply to Comments on your plans, documents, and images
- Know what’s happening with notifications of who has uploaded, downloaded, updated, or commented on your plans, documents, and images
- Control who sees and edits what by setting your permissions on your free ConstructionOnline account
- Upload any file from your phone to any project
To get started, simply log in or create your free ConstructionOnline account at www.constructiononline.com, then upload your plans, documents, files, etc. to your secure account. Once the plans are uploaded to ConstructionOnline, you’ll have instant access by simply opening your OnSite PlanRoom app on your Android Device. ConstructionOnline connects your project team - anywhere, anytime. As a free web service, ConstructionOnline lets you share plans, project documents, change orders, estimates, schedules, photos and more with contacts such as subcontractors, coworkers, and clients. Team members can upload and view existing files, set access permissions, make changes or comments, and contribute their own. Teamwork and communication have a new name – ConstructionOnline.
OnSite PlanRoom is a powerful cost saving tool that will increase productivity for contractors, architects, engineers, and others who need to access drawings and plans in the field. No more carrying expensive, heavy, or faded drawings! Start seeing them instantly on your Android Device with OnSite PlanRoom.
- 查看,添加和回复评论你的计划,文档和图像
现场PlanRoom让你审查和交流规划和建设的文件在您的手机上。下载这个程序,创建你的免费1的GB ConstructionOnline帐户今天!
- 查看PDF的规划和建设文件,方便您的手机
- 预览规格,通讯和其他建筑,这些格式的文件 - PDF,Word,Excel和RTFS和图像
- 股份计划,文件和图像与团队成员,客户等从应用程序发送共享链接
- 查看,添加或回复评论你的计划,文档和图像
- 知道发生了什么的通知的上传,下载,更新,或评论你的计划,文件和图像
- 控制谁可以看到并编辑上您的免费ConstructionOnline帐户设置权限
- 上传任何文件从您的手机到任何项目
要开始,只需登录或创建您的免费ConstructionOnline帐户www.constructiononline.com,然后上传你的计划,文档,文件,等您的安全帐户。一旦计划被上传到ConstructionOnline,您将可以即时访问您的Andr​​oid设备上,只需打开您的的现场PlanRoom应用程序。 ConstructionOnline连接您的项目团队 - 在任何地方,任何时间。作为一个免费的网络服务,ConstructionOnline让您共享计划,项目文件,更改订单,估计,日程安排,照片和更多如分包商,同事和客户的联系。团队成员可以上传和查看现有的文件,设置访问权限,更改或意见,贡献自己的。团队合作和沟通有了一个新的名字 - ConstructionOnline。

OnSite PlanRoom 更新内容

- Fixed Crash on initial startup
- Various Bug Fixes
- Create New Projects
- Beautiful Tablet Support
- Landscape Support for Tablet Devices
- Offline Browsing
- Built in Google Docs Viewer
- Faster Load Times
- Smooth Scrolling
- Native Viewing
- Fixed "unable to download file" error

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Android 4.1.x 以上
UDA Technologies, Inc.

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