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OnSite Logging HD

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OnSite Logging HD OnSite Logging HD OnSite Logging HD OnSite Logging HD OnSite Logging HD OnSite Logging HD

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Experience the freedom and convenience of new OnSite Logging HD powered by UDA ConstructionOnline. As the newest member of the OnSite Mobile App Family, the sleek new OnSite Logging HD App combines traditional work logging methods with pictures and video, to create a more organized and complete log that is both easier to use and contains more essential information. Now you can take pictures and record video of your progress straight from the jobsite, using the OnSite Apps on your Android Phone or Tablet. You'll never have to hassle with lengthy paper work logs again—OnSite Logging HD has five easy-to-use components that come together seamlessly to keep your team on track:
Weather Tracking
Enter the project zip code to enable Weather Tracking, a fantastic feature that shows you the recorded weather at your jobsite at five work times throughout the day. That makes accounting for weather delays much easier and faster, while still allowing you to log further if needed by specifying the severity and duration of the delay.
Work Log
Quickly and easily record essential information about what happened at the jobsite each day using the Work Log. You can record exactly which employees showed up to the site, how long they stayed, and what was accomplished. Snap a photo of your completed foundation, or record an important conversation with a subcontractor. With this efficient tool you can eliminate bulky paper logs and files so you won't have to waste time organizing them or searching through stacks to find them.
Visitor Log
With fields for inputting the reason for the visit and the duration, project managers and team members can get a good idea of what happened that day even if they were not present. An added benefit is that if the visitor is a ConstructionOnline user, you can select them as a contact, so both parties have record of the visit.
Delivery Log
Supplies and materials are always arriving and leaving the jobsite. Avoid costly mistakes and keep track of all your deliveries in an efficient and highly organized manner with this easy tool. You’ll always be on top of what came in today, from which company—giving you a quick way to record exactly who your most reliable suppliers are.
Project Notes
Never miss another important detail. With plenty of space to enter project notes for each day and the easy Attachment Tool to supplement your notes with pictures, video, and other files, you can keep all of your daily records together for a complete Project Log.
Construction Connected
With the all new OnSite Logging HD App, you’ll finish your logging in half the time without the stress of maintaining paper logs and files. Once you upload your attachments and enter your notes, ConstructionOnline handles the rest by organizing and storing it for you by date for easy future access. From there you can visit ConstructionOnline to create automated log reports, clearly summarizing all activity for any defined period in a professional document. Just enter the start and end dates to create a comprehensive, printable report documenting everything you've logged within that time frame.
To get started, simply launch the app to log in or create your free ConstructionOnline account. ConstructionOnline lets you share plans, project documents, change orders, estimates, schedules, photos and more with contacts such as subcontractors, coworkers, and clients. Team members can upload and view existing files, set access permissions, make changes or comments, and contribute their own. Teamwork and communication have a new name – ConstructionOnline.
体验新的现场记录HD供电UDA ConstructionOnline的自由和方便。现场移动应用系列的最新成员,圆滑的新的现场记录HD应用程序结合了传统的工作记录图片和视频的方法,创建一个有组织,有完整的记录,更容易使用和包含的更重要的信息。现在,您可以直接从现场的照片和录制视频,你的进步,你的Andr​​oid手机或平板上使用酒店内的应用程序。你永远不会有麻烦的长篇论文。工作日志,再次现场记录HD易于使用的组件无缝地走到了一起,让您的团队的轨道上:
要开始,只需启动该应用程序登录或创建您的免费ConstructionOnline帐户。 ConstructionOnline让您共享计划,项目文件,更改订单,估计,日程安排,照片和更多如分包商,同事和客户的联系。团队成员可以上传和查看现有的文件,设置访问权限,更改或意见,贡献自己的。团队合作和沟通有了一个新的名字 - ConstructionOnline。

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-Improved compatibility with other OnSite Applications

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