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FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.]

FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.]

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FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] 截图

FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.]

FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] 描述

Touch the hearts floating lambently! You'll get fascinated with pop sparkle motion!
Let's make your own live wallpaper in combination with a favorite message♪
by uistore.net
★You can choose a background color from seven colors. (pink, purple, blue, green,yellow, an orange and monochrome)
★You can choose a part from seven kinds of parts. (heart, a circle, the moon, a star, a triangle, hexagon and snowy crystal)
★The details of parts can be set up. (a number, size and speed)
★You can input a message. (You can input a favorite message up to 20characters.)
※It becomes nondisplay when filling nothing in.
※You can input only English, a number and a sign.
★You can choose the color of the message from two colors. (gold and silver)
★Movement after trial period (They do not react to the touch. Hearts and other parts are not displayed.)
★It corresponds to a horizontal screen.
★Able to store it on the SD card.(*OS2.2 or more)(*When you set it as wall paper,lease save (move) it in the main body. The setting may returns to a default when you reboot.)
※Setting method:home screen>menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper
※Please enjoy a free trial period for two days.
※According to memory conditions,it may not be able to set normally. In that case, please restart your portable terminal and set it again.
※If you exit live wallpaper,it may not be able to exit normally by using task end application program such as task killer. Please exit it after setting other live wallpapers.
※When not normally working by updating it, it improves it when doing by reinstalling it after uninstalling it.
※When updating it with setting the wallpaper, the screen may turn black in the case of OS2.1.You can set it correctly by resetting after setting other live wall papers.
It's a feature for OS, and it contains improved OS2.2.
【New function addition! Live wall papers and themes are all you can use!】
Live wallpapers and themes are all you can use when registering to the monthly member!
Let's customize with live wallpapers and themes!
■What is monthly membership?
It is profitable limitlessly usable service of live wallpapers and the themes that uistore delivers for a monthly fee.
・Contents for the monthly will be addied one after another.
※A part of contents is excluded.
It is necessary to download home application "Final Launcher" for the monthly member registration.
・ Final Launcher download URL
・Compatible models: Android 2.3.3 over
■Monthly member registration method
・You can register from "Monthly member" in Home setting after pressing the menu button of Final Launcher.
・You can register from the advertisement displayed on the home screen of live wallpaper of free version for the monthly member.
※If you have uninstalled the Final launcher during the monthly member, all live wallpapers you had installed will automatically be turned to limited version.
The use of full version of live wallpaper and the theme by the monthly member registration operates only by "Final Launcher".
Please note that other home applications return to the limitation version.
★你可以选择从七个颜色的背景色。 (粉红色,紫色,蓝色,绿色,黄色,橙色和单色)
★你可以选择一部分来自七种零件。 (心脏,一个圆,月亮,明星,三角形,六边形和雪的结晶)
★份的细节可以设置。 (一个数量,大小和速度)
★你可以输入信息。 (您可以输入喜欢的消息多达20characters。)
★您可以从两种颜色选择消息的颜色。 (黄金和白银)
★可以将其存储在SD卡上。(* OS2.2或以上)(*当你把它设置为墙纸,租赁保存(移动)它的主体。设置可能会当您重新启动返回到默认值。 )

FLOATY LiveWallpaper [FL ver.] 更新内容

--2012/10/10Up Ver2.0
・Correction of a program( "Monthly membership" supported.)
--2012/09/03Up Ver1.2
・Correction of a program
--2012/01/30Up Ver1.1
・ The background gradation of some mobile terminals was revised.
・ It became possible to change the font size of the message.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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