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Fail Log: Habit Tracker

Fail Log: Habit Tracker

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Fail Log: Habit Tracker Fail Log: Habit Tracker Fail Log: Habit Tracker Fail Log: Habit Tracker

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Use Facebook or email too much? Eat unhealthy food? Or smoke? Fail Log will help Eliminate negative habits (for Free) with Fail Log. Do you find yourself using Facebook or email more than you'd like? Or eating too much unhealthy food? Or smoking? Or doing other negative things? Fail Log can help. The problem with lots of negative activities are that they have a small, short-term, repeated positive feedback. This is what can make them so addictive. Fail Log allows you to quickly and easily make a record of when you give in to a negative habit. This associates a negative feedback with it, which will help you avoid doing it in the future. Later you can use the app to analyse when you are most likely to fail (and then you can then take action at these times to avoid doing it). "I like it, simple and to the point, makes u accountable" Crystal "Simple and effective" Devon "Simple, easy to use, in the moment and visceral. Excellent to get awareness and to get proactive about bad habits." Rob ★ Check out To Do Log for a more comprehensive app which combines a success log, fail log and to do list ★

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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