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Webcams Widget Demo

Webcams Widget Demo

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Webcams Widget Demo 截图

Webcams Widget Demo Webcams Widget Demo Webcams Widget Demo

Webcams Widget Demo 描述

Simple 3x3 webcam widget that displays little thumbnail images of up to 9 webcam images (3 in the free version) on your home screen.

Tapping on an thumbnail image opens the image full screen.

To install this widget, tap and hold the home screen to open the Add to Home screen pop-up window. Tap on the Webcams Widget.

Then the widget will appear on the home screen.

Tap on 'Settings' to add the URLs for up to 9 webcam images.

In the free version, the images are automatically refreshed every 30 minutes. In the full version this can be changed by the user, and the automatic refresh can be turned off if required.

Known Issues


When mounting and unmounting your device on the PC, the latest images no longer display.

90 degree rotated (portrait) images may not display.

If you mis-type the URL of the image, the widget does not tell you, it just displays no image.

Widescreen images are squashed to fit the space in the 3x3 grid on the widget.

Images larger than 1024x768 have not been tested.

Future Plans


Enable swipe to next/prev image on single image screen.

Please email me at solarautumnit@gmail.com if you have any ideas for improving this widget.

Webcams Widget Demo 更新内容


0.7 Changed to demo version

0.6 Changed 2 default webcams to Svalbard (Norway) webcams.


Bug fix in Paid for version.

0.3 & 0.4

Minor layout change on the settings page.

Included a popup link to upgrade to the full version.


Added compression config option. More compressed images take up less storage space but are lower quality (not available in free version).

Added 3 default webcams images.

Changed 'awaiting data' placeholder in free version.

Webcams Widget Demo 历史版本

Webcams Widget Demo 使用技巧

Webcams Widget Demo 信息

影音播放 视频
Android 2.1.0 以上
autumn it

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