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Emergency Radiology Lite

Emergency Radiology Lite

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Emergency Radiology Lite Emergency Radiology Lite Emergency Radiology Lite Emergency Radiology Lite Emergency Radiology Lite Emergency Radiology Lite

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SPOT Dx: Emergency Radiology, is a radiology quiz app.

Test your radiology knowledge with a selection of 50 real clinical cases (this free lite version contains a small sample of just 5 questions); there is a strong focus on plain x-rays and CT.

Each case consists of one high quality radiological image, a 'Best of 5' question (where you can select the most appropriate diagnosis for the case from the 5 available options) and an answer page with important image findings and some background information about the correct diagnosis.

This app is useful for anyone who needs a better understanding of emergency radiology but is particularly aimed at those working in an emergency medical setting. You will learn to 'Spot Diagnose' a host of classical emergency presentations as seen in radiology. This is knowledge that all clinical staff in emergency departments need and use on a daily basis and will also help to prepare you for exams.

As you work through the cases, your score is automatically calculated to give you some idea of well how you are doing.

The SPOT Dx series of apps are designed to help you, the healthcare professional, develop skills for making a quick assessment of clinical data and to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis without delay!

Look out for other SPOT Dx releases coming soon, visit our webpage at: www.knightmair.co.uk

For response to comments/reviews posted here on the Android market, please visit our website.

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This is version 1.0

Tested on all Android platforms 1.6 through 3.0

Stable release, no known issues.


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Android 1.6.0 以上
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