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New York Subway MTA Map (NYC)下载

New York Subway MTA Map (NYC)

New York Subway MTA Map (NYC)

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New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) 截图

New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) New York Subway MTA Map (NYC)

New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) 描述

New York Subway is the free NYC public transport app using the officially licensed MTA subway map.
The free app has over 6 million lifetime downloads and includes an easy to use route planner that will help you get from A to B.
- Uses the official MTA map of the New York subway and includes Staten Island.
- The route planner is simple and easy to use as it works both on and offline for help when on the move.
- Easy to search for any subway station on the map or find the nearest station to your current location.
- Plan routes to or from Points of Interest including The Empire State Building, New York Botanical Garden - and Times Square.
- Escalator and elevator alerts (E & E Alerts) on each station show any reported issues as well as an estimated time the issue should be fixed.
- Service status from MTA shows live information about any delays or planned work.*
- Save as favourite the routes you use often for quick access again and again.
- Arrival boards for each station tell you the waiting time until the next train.
- Uber integration allows you to book a ride within seconds and continue your journey after using the New York Subway.
- Live Twitter updates from the official @NYCTSubway with helpful travel information.
- Unlock additional features such as Walking Routes and Remove Adverts.
We make apps for cities worldwide so if you’re also visiting Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris or London make sure you check out our other transport apps in the Google Play Store.
Please note: As a free app we include advertising in New York Subway MTA Map to fund our development. If you wish to remove adverts there is an in app purchase available.
*Whilst we endeavour that line status notifications are delivered in a timely manner we can’t guarantee this 100% of the time. There may be occasions when this isn’t available due to technical reasons outside of our control.
Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MapwayApps or follow us on Twitter @MapwayApps. We would love to hear from you.
Plan. Route. Relax.
To get the most out of this New York Subway map, the app uses a number of permissions. Visit www.mapway.com/privacy-policy to see what and why.
- 使用纽约地铁的官方MTA地图,包括斯塔滕岛。
- 路线规划很简单,易于使用,因为它的工作原理都和离线的帮助在移动的时候。
- 轻松搜索任何地铁站的地图上或找到最近的车站到您的当前位置。
- 规划路线或兴趣点,包括帝国大厦,纽约植物园 - 和时代广场。
- 自动扶梯与各站电梯警报(E&E警报)表现出任何报告的问题,也是一个预计时间问题应该是固定的。
- 从MTA服务状态显示任何延迟或计划的工作实况信息*。
- 另存为最爱你一次又一次经常使用可快速访问的路由。
- 每个站到达板告诉你的等待时间,直到下一班火车。
- 尤伯杯集成使您可以预订秒内行驶和使用的纽约地铁后,继续你的旅程。
- 从有用的旅游信息官方@NYCTSubway住Twitter的更新。
- 解锁额外的功能,如散步路线和删除广告。
加入我们的Facebook在www.facebook.com/MapwayApps或跟随我们的Twitter @MapwayApps。我们很乐意听取您的意见。

New York Subway MTA Map (NYC) 更新内容

New York Subway has been updated with some bug fixes.

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