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A free of charge App from O2 so you can manage your account from your handset. Lots of our customers have already downloaded the My O2 app on their Android. Why not join them and download it yourself so you can check your account whenever you need - free of charge. As a Pay Monthly or Pay & Go customer you can see - how many minutes, texts and data you have left in your allowance as well as what you started with and what you've used- details of your tariff- calling plan prices- Bolt Ons as well as the ability to click to call to Top Up or pay the bill- We've also updated our Help section offering hints and tips to get the most from your phone and FAQ's around billing, our tariffs and much more As well as this, Pay Monthly customers can view - - recent charges - bill summaries - including last bill date, bill amount and payment due date- you can buy Data Bolt On's when you're getting close to or have used all of your data allowance. - And you can check when you're due for an upgrade and find your closest store To sign-in, use your username and password. If you're a Pay Monthly customer you'll have been given this when you joined O2. Don't worry if you have forgotten either or both of these as we can send you a reminder once you have downloaded the app. If you're a Pay & Go customer and you don't already have a username and password, you can sign up quickly and easily for My O2 at www.o2.co.uk/register. If you already have a username and want to change it to an email address so it's easier to remember, you can do this here too.To make it even easier for you, once you have signed-in, you'll be asked to set up a memorable PIN to use each time, to get even quicker access. Please remember that if you use this app whilst abroad, then roaming data charges will apply. We'll send you a text when you are in the foreign country to let you know the data costs for the country you're in, so you can stay in control of your spend. My O2 is not available to O2 Business and Corporate customers. Note: You'll need at least OS 2.1 to use this app.

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Android 2.1.0 以上


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