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RIFT Soul Tree Builder

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RIFT Soul Tree Builder RIFT Soul Tree Builder RIFT Soul Tree Builder RIFT Soul Tree Builder

RIFT Soul Tree Builder 描述

A complete implementation of the Rift in-game Soul Tree system, this calculator lets you plan and tweak builds to your hearts content.
Features include:
- Binding of Blood souls, the Oracle, Arbiter, Liberator and Physician (Paid Only)
- Storm Legion souls, the Defiler, Harbinger, Tactician and Tempest available to all users
- Plan to level 60
- Points and level information updated as you tweak. Know exactly how soon you can get that particular combination you want.
- Supports hover action of Samsung S-Pen on compatible devices (AT&T Note 2 currently not compatible)
- Ensures all builds are valid to use in Rift
- Send builds via a wide range of networks (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc) (Paid Only)
- Fully browsable saving and loading of builds (Paid Only, limited to one in free version)
- Swipe pan between the three souls on mobile phones or choose to see all three at once on tablet devices.
- Automatic updates via the Internet to keep you up to date with the latest Rift patches and hotfixes
- Accurately mimics the look and feel of the real Rift client
- English, French and German data localisation
**If you experience any bugs or issues with black screens, please let me know as soon as possible *via email*, not via the comments system here. I will always fix issues as soon as I am made aware of them, but comments here won't do that**
Future features:
- Soul descriptions and recommended pairings
- Character stats summary
- Unlocked abilities summary
There are features exclusive to the paid version of the app, as I felt it only fair that people who supported my work had premium features. These are:
- Binding of Blood souls, the Oracle, Arbiter, Liberator and Physician
- Send builds via a wide range of networks (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
- Unlimited, fully browsable saving and loading of builds
- Ad free
There will be more premium features coming in the future. The charge is to support my time spent on development, as continued development and support is very time consuming, taking away from family, work and my own gaming time.
To remove adverts and unlock premium features, purchase the "Rift Soul Tree Builder UNLOCK" app. Contact me if you previously purchased this, for a free copy of the unlocker.
This app requires Internet access for soul data updates, SD card access for the database of talents, and access to the account names used on the device for license checking.
Want to see the app in another language? Come help out at http://translate.randomicon.co.uk
Please note I cannot add features not supported by Trion Worlds. This would include features such as importing builds from your Rift account.
All Rift related images and game data remain the property of Trion and are used with permission.
- 血液灵魂的结合,甲骨文,仲裁者,解放者和医师(仅支付)
- 暴风军团的灵魂,蝎子,先驱者,谋士和暴风雨可供所有用户使用
- 计划60级
- 积分和级别的信息更新为你调整。确切地知道你如何能尽快得到你想要的特定组合。
- 支持在兼容设备悬停三星S-钢笔的动作(AT&T注2目前不兼容)
- 确保所有的版本是有效的使用在裂谷
- 发送通过广泛的网络(电子邮件,Facebook和Twitter等),建立(只付)
- 完全可浏览的节约和加载组建(只付了,仅限于一个免费版)
- 在手机上的三个灵魂之间的滑动平移或选择看所有三个一次在平板设备。
- 通过互联网自动更新,让您随时与最新的裂谷补丁和修补程序
- 准确地模仿真正的裂谷客户端的外观和感觉
- 英语,法语和德语数据本地化
*如果您遇到任何错误或问题,采用黑色的屏幕,请让我尽快知道*通过email *,而不是通过评论系统在这里。我将永远解决问题,只要我明白要做什么,但这里的意见将不会这样做**
- 灵魂的描述和建议的配对
- 字符统计汇总
- 解锁技能汇总
- 血液灵魂的结合,甲骨文,仲裁者,解放者和医师
- 发送通过广泛的网络(电子邮件,Facebook和Twitter等)构建
- 无限,完全可浏览的保存和加载的构建
- 免费广告

RIFT Soul Tree Builder 更新内容

Update for Rift 3.4 - Into the Wilds
Please note this does not contain Primalist yet, as Trion have yet to release the data files to developers!

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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