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** PRO version now available (My3 Droid License), unlocks extra features (listed below), and contributes to future development (: **

Never again will you exceed your monthly mobile phone usage and spend limits.

My3 Droid is designed to retrieve and display your 3 mobile usage (e.g. remaining minutes, texts, data) and spend data quickly, easily, and attractively.

PLEASE NOTE: This is my first android application, so please do be kind with any reviews, and if you encounter any problems, please contact me and I will be happy to help.


- For both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers
- Quickly check your usage and spend
- Keep track of the days remaining in your current billing month
- Displays your data in an easy to use and stylish layout

Pro (My3 Droid License):
- Homescreen Widget
- Low Remaining Usage Alerts (shows a notification when your monthly limits are almost reached)
- Sort the listed package components (by Name, Value (highest or lowest first), or Default)
- Hide Uncapped Components option (components with no limit, eg. unlimited internet)
- Invert Usage Values option (shows amounts used, instead of remaining)
- Automatically refresh usage data [on interval, call end, screen on] (recommended for use with Widget and Low Renaming Usage Alerts)
- Auto disconnect from WiFi on data refresh, then re-enable after

Current limitations:
- Retrieves usage data only on a mobile data connection (not WiFi etc)
- Only works on the network 3 UK (may work in other countries?)

N.B: We are in no way affiliated with Hutchison 3G UK Limited, or any of its partners.

My3 Droid 更新内容



- Replaced automatic error reporting with a statusbar notification, which when clicked on, will open a dialog box (when a force close occurs)

("READ LOGS" permission added for the error reporting to work correctly)


- Fixed possible force close on start?..


- Reduced the chance of receiving an "Unexpected error" from connection timeout errors (Three taking too long to respond)


- Added expiry dates for Pay As You Go users

- Updated settings for expiry date options

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系统工具 优化
Android 1.5.0 以上
jDev UK

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