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MobileNOW! Parking App for US

MobileNOW! Parking App for US

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MobileNOW! Parking App for US MobileNOW! Parking App for US MobileNOW! Parking App for US MobileNOW! Parking App for US

MobileNOW! Parking App for US 描述

MobileNOW! lets you conveniently pay for parking or EV charging in the U.S. using your cell phone. No more hassle with coins. Using your cell, simply download the app, and start parking. It’s easy!
* Registration takes just a few seconds
* All you need is a cell phone number and a payment source
- Use credit or debit card, PayPal for a MobileNOW! pre-paid account
* Add multiple cell phone numbers to your account
* Add multiple vehicles to your account
* Pay for time parked only, where allowed by the parking operator
* Get a reminder before the parking session expires
* Extend your parking session from any location
* To start parking choose:
- Parking operator
- Location
- Duration
* Manage your personal account at http://www.mobile-now.com
- Login with your cell number and PIN
- Manage:
payment sources
phone numbers
- View parking & payment history
* Support available 24/7
* Just a small parking operator-specific transaction fee, typically in the range of $.30 to $.40 per parking session, lets you enjoy the convenience
See if MobileNOW! is available at your location: http://www.mobile-now.com/available-locations/ MobileNOW! is brought to you by Mobile NOW! LLC, a U.S. pioneer in alternative payment solutions. MobileNOW! has been used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied drivers worldwide since 2000.
* Please see more details, terms and conditions as well as exact pricing at http://www.mobile-now.com
- 使用信用卡或借记卡,贝宝的MobileNOW!预付费账户
- 停车场经营者
- 位置
- 持续时间
- 登录与您的手机号码和PIN
- 管理:
- 查看停车场和付款历史记录
*就像一个小型停车场运营商特定的交易费用,一般在$ .30至$ .40元停车会议的范围内,让您享受便利
看看MobileNOW!可在您所在的位置:http://www.mobile-now.com/available-locations/ MobileNOW!是赞助商通过手机赚大钱!有限责任公司,美国先锋替代支付解决方案。 MobileNOW!全球从2000年至今已使用数十万满意的驱动程序。

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Minor improvements

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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