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MPG Calculator Lite

MPG Calculator Lite

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MPG Calculator Lite MPG Calculator Lite MPG Calculator Lite MPG Calculator Lite MPG Calculator Lite

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What is your MPG?

Track and monitor your vehicle's miles per gallon rating.

Is your vehicle preforming as well as it could? Does it seem like you’re going through gas too fast?
MPG Calculator is a fantastic tool to help track the average Miles per Gallon of your vehicle. Just enter in fill up data when you stop for gas, and let the calculator keep track! Make sure to reset your tripometer between fill ups!

Track any number of fill-ups for your Vehicle!
Calculates average Miles per Gallon of your Vehicle!
Calculates average Cost per Gallon of all fill-ups!

*Available in Ad-Free version*
Support for any number of vehicles!
See Per-Tank MPG Ratings!
Graph output of MPG data!
Of course, NO ADS!
Get it here: https://market.android.com/details?id=us.sleepybear.android.mpgcalcpro

This app should not be used to refute or challenge claims of manufacture MPG ratings or gas prices. It was developed solely as an informational tool to help check performance of your vehicles. If your MPG calculation seems too low you should check for options to improve the rating (replace air filter, fuel filter, injector cleaner, drive slower, etc).

Please post information about any error or crashes you have or send a report so it can be fixed ASAP! Thank you for the assistance!

MPG Calculator Lite 更新内容



- Added error checking for HTC Inspire users who are unable to add fill-ups.


- Fixed the bug causing force close on most devices, thanks for the reports!


- Added Context menus in Vehicle/Fill Up lists to enable editing and deletion of items. Just long press on the row you wish to edit/delete!

- Optimization for faster loading and scrolling of fill up list, as well as animations for showing/hiding the button bar on bottom.

- Bug fixes, please continue to send error reports!

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Android 2.1.0 以上
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