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Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile Viafirma Mobile

Viafirma Mobile 描述

Welcome to Viafirma Mobile, the mobile client of our authentication and digital signature platform, Viafirma Platform, available in the most important mobile applications markets.
That mobile client allows using your previously installed digital certificates on your device, in order to perform secure authentication and advanced digital signature in web and mobile applications integrated with Viafirma Platform. It is important to know that the operation is performed in the mobile device, with full control by the end user, avoiding server-side signatures.
You can use as many digital certificates as you need, just installing them on your phone (check our guides).
Currently, Viafirma can be used with digital certificates issued by many Certification Authorities registered in Spain and many other countries, such as FNMT, Firmaprofesional, Camerfirma, Izenpe, CatCert, ACCV, ANF AC, Ancert, Avansi Dominicana, VeriSign.... For further information visit our website www.viafirma.com.
We support digital signatures in the most relevant standards: XML Signature, PDF-Signature, PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures), XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signature), CAdES, CMS / PKCS # 7, etc.
With Viafirma Mobile SDK, native mobile applications can include secure authentication and advanced electronic signature.
目前,Viafirma可以用许多证书颁发机构颁发的数字证书注册在西班牙和其他许多国家,如,Firmaprofesional FNMT,Camerfirma,Izenpe,CatCert,ACCV,ANF AC,Ancert,多米尼加Ava​​nsi,威瑞信....欲了解更多信息,请访问我们的网站www.viafirma.com。
支持数字签名XML签名,PDF签名,PAdES(PDF高级电子签名),将XAdES(XML高级电子签名),凯兹,CMS / PKCS#7等最相关的标准:
随着移动SDK Viafirma,本地移动应用可以包括安全认证和先进的电子签名。

Viafirma Mobile 更新内容

- Improved compatibility with some new devices
- Bugfixes

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系统工具 优化
Android 4.0.3 以上
Xnoccio Factory

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