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The Dienchan FACE DIAGNOSIS-CYBERNETIC THERAPY will help you to:
• Improve your health and beauty.
• Relieve aches and pains in such a simple, rapid, and effective manner.
Are you looking for ways to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, or some simple methods to help you relax in this modern hectic society? Are you a sufferer of migraines or tension headaches and want to reduce the need for pain medications? Do you want to help manage pain and fatigue in cancer patients? Are you a potential cancer patient who is looking for a personalized solution to reduce anxiety and improve the general quality of life? Are you a sufferer of premenstrual symptoms or menstrual problems and are looking for relief?
Is conventional medicine proving ineffective at curing your chronic aches and pains or ailments? Discover how to ease menstrual cramps, calm an upset stomach, and fight the flu without any medication. Welcome to the world of alternative medicine. Learn how to naturally improve overall health, strengthen your immune system, slow the aging process, and make your own medical revolution today.
The mission of this application is to further promote and educate the public on the present and immediate benefits of an amazing method of treatment from Vietnam - Dien Chan (Facial Reflexology), which makes it possible to anyone to discover and develop a part of the enormous potential for self-healing and self-regulation well hidden within his or her own self.
Dien Chan is a Vietnamese system of facial reflexology that incorporates more than 500 pressure points and can be amazingly effective to treat many common ailments. The method divides the face into grids to help locate the specific points and use simple instrument such as the rounded end of a ball point pen as a tool to massage the points. Anyone regardless of age and gender can learn this technique in less than ten minutes to relieve tension and experience immediate health benefits.
This Dienchan application is to help you discover and learn this treatment and self-healing method via mobile application from the comfort of one's own home anywhere in the world. You can experience immediate relief benefits within ten minutes of learning this new treatment and healing method.
But please do not simply just take our words for it. We want you to actually try the treatment for yourself since they are easily verifiable in practice. Do not simply believe or expect miracles from anything new you may hear or see just because it sounds so fabulous and wonderful. Once you are familiar with the treatment concepts and have experienced the actual benefits for yourself, you can explore, learn, or even develop yourself more advanced treatment techniques to further help yourself and others.
These self-help, self-care therapeutic techniques not only can have direct benefits to people of all ages. They are cost effective and are 100% safe since they are facial massage techniques with the use of fingers or blunt hard objects which you can learn to do it yourself, and absolutely no medication involved. Knowledge of these self-help techniques can be life-saving in many situations such as emergency first-aid, reducing or eliminating chronic pains, preventing strokes due to high-blood pressure when no medication is available, reducing dizziness while driving, reducing pain and anxiety while waiting for medical treatment or transit to a hospital, etc.
Once you have learned a specific treatment technique, you can enjoy the immediate benefits such as reducing or completely eliminating one of the following problems in less than five minutes, all without medication.
- Eliminate back, neck, shoulder pain and stress.
- Reduce fever, cold sweat, insomnia, migraines without medication.
- Digestion and bladder disorder, constipation.
- Improve mental concentration, memory and alertness.
- Stabilize blood pressure (even diabetes).
- Improve wellness.
这个应用程序的任务是进一步促进和来自越南的治疗的方法,惊人的现在和眼前利益教育公众 - 陈奠(面部按摩),这使得它可以为任何人发现和开发的巨大的一部分潜在的自我修复和自我调节以及隐藏在他或她自己。
- 消除背部,颈部,肩部疼痛和压力。
- 减少发热,冷汗,失眠,偏头痛不用药。
- 消化和膀胱疾病,便秘。
- 提高精神集中,记忆力和警觉。
- 稳定血压(甚至是糖尿病)。
- 改善健康。

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- Allow install to SD (froyo)
- support small screen & fixed some bugs

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