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Anima Dice Roller

Anima Dice Roller

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Anima Dice Roller Anima Dice Roller Anima Dice Roller Anima Dice Roller Anima Dice Roller Anima Dice Roller

Anima Dice Roller 描述

A dice roller for the pen and paper role playing game "Anima: Beyond Fantasy". The current beta supports close and ranged combat and ability rolls, with a result log.
The current version is a beta version and some buttons/fields behave a bit dodgy, but should never be inaccessible. A major overhaul of the UI is planned, when I got time for it.
Does not yet support things like flanking, immobilization and advantages/disadvantages such as "Lucky". As for modifications, you'll just have to precalculate them. As for Lucky/Unlucky, you're screwed at the moment (this will be fixed).
All in all, this app is still way better than rolling everything manually (including table lookups).
Currently only in English. If anyone has access to the Spanish/French/German version of the game and want to help out with translation, please contact me :)

Anima Dice Roller 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Fixed a bug so that you can now get results beyond 439 when rolling an ability roll.

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Anima Dice Roller 信息

Android 2.0.0 以上

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