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CYA Claim Your Area

CYA Claim Your Area

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CYA Claim Your Area CYA Claim Your Area CYA Claim Your Area CYA Claim Your Area

CYA Claim Your Area 描述

Claim Your Area is the active game with more than one dimension.

Claim Your Area is a active strategy game played on your Android® platform or combined on both Facebook® (Game panel) and your Android® platform (Shuttle).

The shuttle (internet and GPS connection are required) is the tool used to move droids, harvest areas and claim or conquer fields on the global game plan. Claimed fields immediately starts to produce new Droids for you to use while expanding your area. Attack, claim and movement of droids can only be performed in the current field (where the shuttle is located). Harvest on the other hand will be done in the current area (all fields connected to the field where the shuttle is located). Start claiming fields and grow your land to become CYA superpower.


While claiming a non occupied field one droid stays behind and start farming the field, the growth will slowly intermit if not harvested. If more droids are located in the same field the droids use this field to defend itself and farm fields surrounding it. While under attack even farming droids will join in and defend their fields.


To keep up the production of your farm fields they must be harvested on a regular basis the more often the better. While entering or while moving inside an area the current production will show up in the field information. The entire area will be harvested if harvest button is pushed.


While entering a hostile filed an attack can be performed by dropping droids, droids will be lost in the battle no matter the outcome and if the attack succeed the field will be yours. The fields directly in contact with the attacked field will support the filed under attack, due to this setup it is a good idea to inspect also the strength of surrounding fields before initiating an attack.

Movement of droids:

Droids can be picked up and dropped in the current field with the shuttle. Droids can be dropped in fields not owned by you to support allied droids to defend an field.


To be able to play the game combined on both Facebook® and Android® the shuttle must be connected to the game panel with an authorization code which is generated in the Facebook® application. The game can also be played in standalone mode on a Android® platform.

The Facebook® application facilitates a game panel, statistics, high score and the market with offers to give you a head start of your competition.

CYA Claim Your Area 更新内容



Facebook login fixed.


User colors used to draw fields. Before you could only see red (hostile fields) and green (your own fields) now the fields have the user set color so you can easily see who owns what field.

Reduced screen update cpu usage by 50%, however this coloring thing is on top of that so actual improvement is a little less.

Version 2.1 didn't show any map, fixed in 2.11

CYA Claim Your Area 历史版本

CYA Claim Your Area 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
Conny Svahn

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