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The Whiskey Brothers

The Whiskey Brothers

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The Whiskey Brothers The Whiskey Brothers The Whiskey Brothers The Whiskey Brothers

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Listen to the Whiskey Brothers podcast as they become available!
Just load up the app and enjoy.
You can either stream or download each podcast.
Streaming allows you to immediately listen to the podcast you select, but you can't skip through to other parts of the podcast and you may experience some "cutting out"
if you don't have a consistently strong connection. In the Options page (choose Options from the menu that pops-up by pressing the Options button on your device), you can select how the app reacts to you tapping a podcast: Always Ask, Always Download and Play (Optional Auto-Play After Download) or Always Stream. By downloading a podcast, you won't experience the "cutting out" and you can skip to different parts of the podcast as you please. Downloaded podcasts have a red dot next to their names.
IT'S RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DOWNLOAD PODCASTS ON A WIFI CONNECTION. When you're finished listening to a podcast you've downloaded, you can press-and-hold the podcast in the list for a menu that will give you the option to delete the podcast. While listening to a podcast, you can click the track position or track duration textboxes on either side of the podcast progress bar to jump to a specific point in the podcast. SOUNDBOARD: Select a sound from the list and press the play button to hear some of the reoccurring and funniest moments from past Whiskey Brothers podcasts! COMING SOON: Use the Whiskey Brothers sound clips as ringtones and notifications! IF THE PODCASTS ARE CUTTING OUT FOR YOU, READ THIS:As of version 1.3, you have the option to Stream or Download each podcast. If the podcasts are cutting out when you stream them then try downloading them first then playing them.

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 3.0 (Jameson)
Android 4.0.3 以上
Adam Komar

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