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Zootta contacts

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Zootta contacts Zootta contacts Zootta contacts Zootta contacts

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Don't get caught without your mobile contacts!

Save, add and Retrieve your mobile contacts from any phone to any phone on any network anywhere in the World, in minutes! Zootta is fast, easy & secure, it’s fantastic!

Zootta works across all mobile platforms and YES, you can access your contacts from multiple phones.

If you change your mobile number, get Zootta to email your new number to all your contacts in one go! You can also edit and manage your contacts on line at www.zootta.com and sync them to your phone.

Your contacts are safe 4 Life!

Here are 5 good reasons why Zootta users think it’s fantastic!

1-Retrieve or transfer your contacts onto any type of phone in minutes! You don’t need a computer!
Whatever may happen to your phone, don’t worry!
Borrow, get a spare or replace it, and download all your contacts or just the contacts you need. It’s easy! Download the app, sign in and retrieve your contacts in a few minutes! Zootta works on all Networks, across all mobile platforms and is available in all leading mobile app stores.

2-Manage your contacts on line!
Go online www.zootta.com and edit and manage your contacts, then sync them to your phone.

3-Send your contacts to Email!
Via any phone or computer, it’s compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.

4-Change your number and inform your contacts in one go!
If you find yourself changing your mobile number, Zootta will email all your contacts in one go if you wish.

5-Safe, Secure & 4 life!
Your contacts (all the contact information on your phonebook) is stored in your personal “PIN” secure account , for you to update ,retrieve and manage as often as you like.

"Zootta really does enable you to manage your mobile contacts in a whole new unrestricted & fun way!"

Zootta contacts 更新内容


- Some crash fixes for Android 4 devices (HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3)

- Improved contact saving to eliminate duplicate contacts

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Android 1.5.0 以上
Flash Media Group

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