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MY DORAGON -Free- 截图

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This is the hideout of the Doragon.
This is the world called Gevin where a great continent called Aeneas and in addition numerous small islands exist.
You are living in the world which has the dimension a little different from that of the earth but not very different and which is neither far from nor close to the earth.
Gevinian which was one species was split by the influence of life human which came across from the earth due to crack of dimension, and evolved differently from each other and was come to be divided into two camps six tribes.
At the time when only one species existed, there was a species called Doragon worshiped as a kind of god here. Only a few heads exists in the world and its mysterious strength and mild character became the object of reliance for Gevinian.
However, Gevinian was split into six tribes and habitually waged wars to kill and to be killed by each other and the six tribes all which was afraid of mysterious power of Doragon each tried to take Doragon of the small number.
But Doragon which did not want to get involved in the conflict of Gevinian refused to participate in wars hence the six tribes being afraid that other tribes may get the power of Doragon ventured large-scale hunting of Doragon.
And the appearance of the great Doragon species could not be found in the world…
And a long time after, due to accumulated damage the six tribes came to conclude a kind of truce and Aeneas continent could maintain peace condition though it was a limited period of time.
You discovered the last remaining baby of Doragon just hatched in a cave you found by chance. If it was found even a little later you would not have been able to find even the last Doragon in the world.
With your warm care you should help Doragon so that it may be safe.
This is the hideout of the Doragon.
The person who knows this place is only you and you have found Doragon which becomes extinct here.
The Doragon which is still young baby needs your care and whenever you come to see, the Doragon will gladly welcome you.
Let Doragon do this and that or give items. The items you gave will please Doragon.
But by just watching you can look at the appearance of lovely Doragon enough.
You can give Doragon tasty fish and puppy which it can play with and dumbbell with which Doragon can exercise. With magic lamp of Doragon you can know your fortune of today and with the drum of Doragon you can train Doragon. With the drum, let Doragon do cute action.
You can also enjoy three funny games.
Of course the Doragon used in the games may not be interesting.^^
Together with Doragon, have a pleasant time cozily and warmly in the nest of Doragon.




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