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This is App which has both advantage from vehicle Black box and SmartPhone
Ployd BlackBox has some problem on the Android 4.0 (ICS).
The way of memory allocation has changed, so it's impossible to return to fore-ground from background status.
so We have asked to google about this issue. we're going to do our best to solve this problem as soon as possible,
and if available version will be updated, we're going to announce officially.
Please wait for a while.
Thank you.
Deployed in vehicles that frequently work in heavy traffic situations at risk of a variety of accidents, Ployd Black Box effectively serves its intended purpose of being a vehicle’s black box. In addition, Ployd Black Box saves the vehicle speed, date, and time and location data from the phone's GPS receiver, and allows you to view the vehicle’s route overlaid on top of a Google map, side by side with the video. Moreover, when you decelerate abruptly while driving, the G-Sensor registers it as an accident. Upon detecting such incidents, Emergency Calls automatically displays a button on the phone’s screen. Focus on your driving only! Ployd Black Box takes all driving records for you!
[features of Ployd Black Box Lite version]
- Available for recording only 15mins
- Continuous recording; incident recording
- Capture the Still Image
- Lets you view recorded video and saved driving data (drive date, time, location, and sudden accelerations and decelerations) on your phone
- Allows you to email the location data of any incidents that occur
- Lets you make quick emergency calls to contacts on your Emergency Call list (e.g. family, police, insurance agents etc)
- Lets you view the drive video and the vehicle location on a Google map side by side
- Video Only and Map Only modes are also available
- Displays driving speed and direction on screen
- Determines and indicates whether the vehicle is driving in ECO Driving mode
- Supports ECO Driving to help you form sound driving habits and drive safely
- Helps you save energy through ECO Driving
- Allows you to share your video on websites (e.g. YouTube) to highlight nice places for a drive
- Supports the Methods for Accident treatment and First-Aid of Emergency Situation.
- Allows you to send SMS with your accident Location and send e-mail with video file when you get an accident.
- Show the Recording Display and your location at the Google map simultaneously.
- Showing ECO status for the driving route with the map or graph when user watch the ECO status.
Galaxy A/Galaxy S/Galaxy K/Galaxy U/Galaxy ACE/Galaxy GIO/Galaxy S Hopping/Galaxy S2/Galaxy Tab, Nexus S, Galaxy Note, HTC Desire, Vega, Vega S, Vega , Vega Racer, Mirach, Mirach A,optimus 2X, Optimus One, Optimus Q, XPERIA ARC, XPERIA X10I, ATRIX, WYNN, Reaction are cetified.
Sirius, Motoroi, Nexus One, MotoGrammm, etc. have not been certified. So we recommend using the Ployd BlackBox lite version for uncertified devices before purchase full version.
If you have any problems or ideas about Ployd BlackBox, please leave your message at Ployd Forum (www.beaglemap.com>Forum>Ployd Black Box) or send us an e-mail to beagle@beaglemap.com. We always wish your safety and happiness.
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