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Start, locate and control your car from virtually anywhere with your Android phone or Android Wear device!
“Making the cloud-connected car a reality”
- Edmunds.com
"Without a doubt, one of the coolest apps I've ever seen"
With the release of its all-new 4th generation Directed SmartStart app, connecting with and controlling your vehicle is easier than ever – including control via your Android Wear smart watch!
- Add a SmartStart module to the Directed remote start or security system in your car so you can start, lock and unlock your car from virtually anywhere.
- Add a SmartStart GPS module instead, and you can also locate your car, share activity on Facebook (because your car needs friends, too), and set safety notifications if your car is speeding or goes where it's not supposed to go.
- For the ultimate connected car experience, install a complete Directed SmartStart Digital System and you’ll also get notified if your vehicle sets a diagnostic code, along with direct feedback from the car databus for feature status. Check out the 60 Day Free Trial GPS Premium service that’s included at no extra cost with these systems!
- For even more convenience, add a Directed SmartKey module and your car will unlock when it detects you approaching, and lock again automatically when you walk away.
- Directed SmartStart is designed for use with compatible remote start and security systems sold under the following brands: Astrostart, Automate, AutoStart, Avital, Clifford, and Python.
Now you can securely remote start, lock/unlock, or find your car using your Android device, with the exciting new 4.0 SmartStart app.
The sleek, modern dashboard of Directed SmartStart 4.0 gives you fingertip control over the following features of your installed remote start or security/remote start system:
- Lock/arm
- Unlock/disarm
- Remote car starter
- Trunk release
- Panic
- Aux channels
Follow these three simple steps to get Directed SmartStart:
1) Download the free Directed SmartStart app
2) Get a SmartStart system installed in your vehicle
3) Set up your account, and start using your SmartStart system
Directed SmartStart 4.0 also includes free Guest membership in Motor Club, providing convenient flat rate 24/7 access to our nationwide roadside assistance network. Just press a button in the app to get connected for towing due to breakdown or accidents, or assistance with a dead battery or flat tire. No hardware or service purchase required.
New for Directed SmartStart 4.0
- Completely redesigned app with the controls you use most often right at your fingertips, and other useful features just a tap or swipe away
- New swipe to start feature eliminates accidental remote start commands (modern dashboard)
- User-selectable dashboard and home page settings – now you can customize the app for the way you use it
- Map page now integrates GPS and SmartPark features seamlessly with quick access for programming location or movement alerts
- One-touch vehicle selection menu with integrated vehicle status page
- One-touch access to Alert history and new alert programming.
- Built-in tutorial videos, help overlay on key pages, and guided on-boarding process make getting to know SmartStart 4.0 easier than ever.
- Supports Directed SmartKey passive lock/unlock features
- Set up your own SmartStart account right from the app including picking your own personalized password (now required for users that have Bluetooth-only Directed SmartKey or DSM50BT systems; optional for new SmartStart cellular system owners).
- In-app management of your SmartStart vehicles and their associated service plans.
- Start, lock or unlock your car using your Android Wear smart watch, or send other commands.
- Receive alert notifications on your phone and Android Wear smart watch if vehicle alarm is triggered, or a SmartStart GPS alert is received (push notification support now included in app, server-side support will be added shortly)
开始,找到并随时随地与你的Andr​​oid手机或Android Wear设备来控制你的车!
- Edmunds.com
凭借其全新的第四代导演的SmartStart应用程序的发布,具有连接和控制您的车辆比以往更容易 - 包括通过你的Andr​​oid智能佩戴手表的控制!
- 添加SmartStart的模块有向远程启动或安全系统,在你的车,所以你就可以开始,锁,从几乎任何地方解开你的车。
- 添加SmartStart的GPS模块来代替,你也可以找到Facebook上(因为你的车需要的朋友,也行)你的车,分享活动,并设置安全通知,如果你的车是超速或飞到哪里,它不应该去。
- 对于最终的接车的经验,安装一个完整的定向SmartStart的数字系统,你还会得到通知,如果您的车辆设置了诊断代码,以及来自汽车数据总线的功能状态的直接反馈。看看多数民众赞成在包括与这些系统无需支付额外费用的60天免费试用GPS优质的服务!
- 为了更方便,添加定向智能钥匙模块检测到你接近时,你的车将解锁,而当你离开的时候又自动锁定。
- 导演的SmartStart是专为旗下品牌销售的兼容遥控启动和安全系统的使用:Astrostart,自动化,自动启动,阿维塔尔,克利福德和Python。
现在,您可以安全地远程启动,锁定/解锁,或找到使用你的车你的Andr​​oid设备,与令人兴奋的新4.0 SmartStart的应用程序。
定向的SmartStart 4.0的时尚,现代的仪表盘让你的指尖控制您的安装的远程启动或安全/遥控启动系统以下特点:
  - 锁定/ ARM
  - 解锁/撤防
  - 遥控汽车起动
  - 行李箱开启
  - 恐慌
  - 辅助通道
定向的SmartStart 4.0还包括免费的住客会员在汽车俱乐部,提供便利的统一费率全天候访问我们的全国道路救援网络。只需按在应用程序的一个按钮来进行连接的牵引因故障或意外事故,或帮助电池没电或爆胎。无需硬件或服务的购买。
新的定向的SmartStart 4.0
- 完全重新设计的与你最经常使用权在您的指尖控制,以及其他有用的功能只是一个水龙头或轻扫离开应用程序
- 新的刷卡启动功能消除了意外的远程启动命令(现代化的仪表板)
- 用户可选的仪表板和主页设置 - 现在你可以自定义你使用它的方式应用程序
- 地图页面现在集成GPS和SmartPark无缝设有快速访问编程位置或移动警报
- 一键式集成了车辆状态页面车辆选择菜单
- 一键式访问,以警报的历史和新的警报程序。
- 内置教程视频,帮助覆盖关键的网页,并引导入职过程使结识SmartStart的4.0比以往任何时候都更容易。
- 支持导演的SmartKey被动锁定/解锁功能
- 从应用程序包括采摘您自己的密码(;可选新的SmartStart的蜂窝系统用户现在需要有蓝牙仅仅针对智能钥匙或DSM50BT系统的用户)建立自己的SmartStart的帐户的权利。
- 在应用程序内管理你的SmartStart车及其相关的服务计划。
- 使用Android智能佩戴手表开始,锁定或解锁你的车,或发送其他命令。
- 接收警报通知您的手机和Android智能佩戴手表,如果车辆报警被触发,或SmartStart的GPS警报被接收(推送通知的支持现在包括在应用程序,服务器端支持将在短期内加)


- Fixed issue where some users had to first force-stop the app in order to send commands.



Android 4.1.x 以上
Directed Electronics


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