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With over 200 meteorologists and our ultra-local TruPoint(sm) forecasting technology, you can trust The Weather Channel to help you plan the best day possible, with the most accurate weather forecast available.
Our favorite features include:
- “Expect rain to start at 3:15p”—No more guessing! If your weather conditions (snow or rain) are changing within 6 hours, we let you know not only the chance of precipitation, but also the exact time it will happen.
- Detailed weather forecasts (hourly forecasts, 36 hour forecasts, and 10 day forecasts)
- Fast, accurate, and localized maps provide you with features like past radar and future radar, severe weather bulletins for storms, and tropical cyclone tracking (this includes hurricanes).
- Easy location management, so you can edit and save your favorite places. Set up your favorites to take full advantage of our weather widgets and notifications.
- Local forecast and popular videos
- Beautiful and easy-to-use interface
But don’t just listen to us! Here’s what the experts are saying:
“We love [The Weather Channel app on Android] because we can hit all the important features, like ‘What It Feels Like’ temperature, the 10-day forecast and hourly temperature, faster than any other app. If you need the ‘expertise’ of a meteorologist, the short and sweet video forecasts will get you up to speed in no time.” ~Gizmodo’s The Best Android Apps
"Basically, forget everything you knew about The Weather Channel's app, because for all intents and purposes, this is an entirely new thing. And it's fantastic." - Android Police
"One of the other new changes aside from an awesome new user interface is the way the app will alert you of rain. Before it had a general idea, but the official Weather Channel app will now tell you the exact time it will start raining in your location. That’s neat." - Android Community
"My personal favorite is the new and improved narrative of climate descriptions. For example, the app now gives a more precise idea of what to expect from the weather in your area. Things like “dry conditions will continue,” and “expect rain until 4 pm,” show up to clue you in about local weather. You could say, it pretty much takes the guesswork out of reading weather forecasts." - Android Headlines
”Great, up to the minute weather updates right to your phone… Terrific, basic weather app backed by experts.”~Appolicious
“You can count on the fact that the data is vetted by a large team of on-staff weather professionals.”~ZeroPaid
“The Weather Channel app is necessary... With voice search, hourly forecasts, one-click access and local video highlights, this free Android app is essential…” ~Appolicious
“More intuitive, good-looking, and user friendly… Thanks to The Weather Channel, you will have comprehensive knowledge about predictions from wherever in the World.” ~AndroidZoom
Among the “Favorite Android Widgets” from Business Insider!
Gold Medal winner from Gizmodo’s best weather apps!
“The Weather Channel App for Android has been ranked as the number 1 most downloaded weather app and one of the most used apps available on the Android Market… so if you’re looking for a fully-featured weather app that delivers goodness all the time, go ahead and check it out.” ~IntoMobile
The Weather Channel greatly appreciates our customers' feedback and patience as we work on our next build. Please see our customer service page to provide feedback and for our FAQs: http://feedback.weather.com/
Check us out at weather.com and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel for the latest breaking news.
- “想到雨开始在3:15 p”的,没有更多的猜测!如果你的天气条件下(雪或雨)6小时内变化,我们让你知道不仅降水的机会,但它会发生的确切时间。
- 详细的天气预测(小时预报,36小时预报,10天预报)
- 为您提供快速,准确,和本地化的地图功能,如过去的雷达和未来的雷达,风暴恶劣天气公报,跟踪和热带气旋(包括飓风)。
- 位置方便管理,所以你可以编辑和保存您最喜爱的地方。设置您的收藏夹,以充分利用我们的天气widget和通知。
  - 本地的预测和热门影片
- 美丽的和易于使用的界面
“基本上,忘记了一切,你知道天气频道的应用程序,因为对于所有意图和目的,这是一个全新的东西,这是梦幻般的。” - Android的警察
“除了真棒新的用户界面等新变化之一是应用程序会提醒你,雨之前,它有一个总体思路,但官方天气频道应用程序现在会告诉你确切的时间将开始下雨您的位置。整齐。“ - Android的社区
“我个人最喜欢的是新的和改进的叙述,气候的描述,例如,现在的应用程序给出了更精确的知道什么期望从您所在地区的天气,像”干条件将继续“和”预期雨中,直到下午4时,“显示线索你了解当地的天气,可以说,它几乎采取的猜测阅读天气预报”。 - Android的新闻
“天气频道为Android应用程序已被列为1号下载次数最多的天气应用程序和最常用的应用程序可在Android Market上...所以,如果你正在寻找一个全功能的提供善良的天气应用程序,所有的时间继续检查出来。“〜IntoMobile
我们在weather.com,并按照我们Twitter上@ weatherchannel的最新的最新新闻。


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