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Turn your mobile into a finger cutter!! It will cut your finger on touching, and the screen will be splashed with very real looking blood!!
Scare your friends with blood on the phone! Keep them guessing how your phone can actually cut your finger and how your screen gets splattered with realistic blood patches!!
It is an amazing application that will leave your friends shocked at your guts as you touch the cutter! With realistic sounds it gets even better! You will not only see it cut your finger but you will also hear the various tools you use, be it a chain saw or a wood cutter saw!
● Be a dare devil in front of your friends, show them how your phone can cut your finger.
● Choose a cutter of your choice from an option of ten different sorts.
● Just touch the selected cutter with your finger and move it. If you leave it then it returns back to its default position.
● Set variable speeds by clicking the speed button and see your finger getting cut and blood splattered on the screen.
● Three different smileys to choose from.
● Keep a track of the blood spilled via the blood bottle.
● Once the blood bottle is emptied the smiley will drop and the game will finish. Just click on the smiley to resume the game.
● Leave blood patches on the screen and fool your friends into thinking that it's your real blood!!
● Share your act on Facebook, Twitter or save in the phone memory
Be the dare devil you always wanted to be! Turn your phone into a seemingly dangerous tool that cuts your finger and make boring times fun and interesting! Have fun with this dangerously, realistic app!!
It is the perfect Halloween prank to scare your friends, family, kid sister or brother!!
Cut your finger with your phone, and show the blood patches on the screen to them and wrap your other hand over your cut finger. Then when someone runs to give you first aid you can laugh your head off at their reaction and uncover your absolutely perfect finger!!
"Please don't leave negative remarks/complaints on this page. We do appreciate suggestions to make the application work better and would love to sort out the issues and your complaints.
Our developers work hard to give you the best experience with our apps.
If you are not satisfied with our application, mail your reviews, complaints, and suggestions to- support@migital.com "



Android 2.0.1 以上


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Finger Cutter Lite