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Do you suffer from "two thirty-itis"? Perhaps you find it hard to sleep at night? This special hypnosis audio program is designed to give you a quick and very satisfying Power Nap whenever you need one. It will leave you feeling revitalized, refreshed and in the right state of ready to 'soldier on'.
This is a very deep relaxation session, guided by expert clinical hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood. It is designed to take you into a relaxing trance for 30 mins and when you finish the session, you will feel like you have had a good night's sleep. This is particularly useful if you lead a busy lifestyle.
Enjoy the world's most effective hypnosis for maximum deep relaxation in a short period of time in the complete privacy and comfort whenever and wherever you like.
About the Hypnosis Audio Program
This free App contains a 30 minute guided personal hypnotherapy session by Rick Collingwood. It is useful for you to;
• To use during a work break as a 'refresher'
• To break up study sessions
• To use in the morning if you have had a bad night's sleep
• After a 'heavy night out' when you are feeling under the weather the next day
• Any other time where you need a 'quick and easy pick me up'
This program has been formatted to help you reach maximum relaxation and trance in the shortest period of time possible. It is a complete pleasure to experience this amazing program time and time again. Think of like your own private 'time out session'. It is particularly useful after a long day at work to come home and unwind.
Audio Format
Contained on this recording is a unique audio formula for maximum results:
• Clinical spoken hypnotherapy
• Neurosonic Frequencies to assist deep trance
• Positive subliminal messages
This unique combination means you will experience one of the deepest relaxation programs available anywhere. These patented frequencies have been scientifically proven through the use of an EEG machine, to help you reach a deep theta trance for the program to work more effectively.
Simply listen to this audio program whenever you feel like you are flat, tired or in need of a 'chill out' session. It also contains a technique through repeated use of this program, to clench your fist at anytime and you will automatically feel revitalized.
This program has been awarded a Gold ARIA (Australian Recordings Industry Association) Record for sales over 35 000 copies on CD.
Special Bonus E Book!!!
This App includes a free 27 page 'Hypnosis Handbook' E Book. This is a remarkable insight into the truth about hypnosis, how it works and a complete history of how it developed over the years.
About the Author: Rick Collingwood
Author of this App, Rick Collingwood, is considered by many to be the worlds' leading hypnotherapist. He has worked with countless celebrities, sports stars, business leaders and also appeared as a hypnosis expert on many international media programs including NBC, Good Morning America, Coast to Coast Radio, Fox Sports and MTV.
Rick's CD's have sold more then a million copies and been awarded 2 Platinum & 5 Gold prestigious ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Record Awards.
What others are saying:
Rick my wife and I just finished the MP3 I downloaded. This is truly remarkable. In all my years I have never had a experience like this. Heard you on C2C. I just started as a Hospics Chaplain in Oregon USA. I will be looking for others to download soon. - Blessings, Damon McCoy
Hi Dr. Collingwood, I am one of your avid followers. I have been blessed with your work. Your work has done wonders in my life and for this I am very thankful. I have tried and successfully witnessed the wonders of your cds like Happiness and self-esteem, public speaking, youthful you and overcoming fears (for my son). - Thank you very much and more power! Sincerely, Erick Guerrero




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