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Log your cases in theatre, obstetrics, intensive care and pain anywhere!
**Now updated for English(US), English(UK) and Spanish Language**
**MM/DD/YYYY** date format added.
Online Anaesthesia is an application that allows anaesthetists to log their cases from operations, regional anaesthesia, obstetrics, intensive care and pain management.
With our easy to use interface, you can view, add and update cases to your online logbook instantly. Our own databases are backed up on a daily basis and there is a feature for making your own local backups.
This application is a companion to the www.onlineanaesthesia.com. This website allows complete access to your online database to allow for greater ease of management of your database from a desktop computer.
The real genius of this application is the instant RCOA compliant report creation. To create reports at any time, log in using your same username and password from the App to www.onlineanaesthesia.com and click ‘Reports’ on the side menu.
So what are you waiting for? Create a new account straight from this free application!
Any questions or feed back, please email admin@onlineanaesthesia.com.
Bienvenido a la Online Anaesthesia. Esta aplicación te permite usar tu iPhone como un portal para www.onlineanaesthesia.com - la línea de anestesia Portafolio / Libro de ruta. También puede crear una nueva cuenta directamente desde esta aplicación! Cuando usted tiene acceso a Internet, usted puede ver, agregar y actualizar los casos en sus operaciones, de dolor regional, la UCI y la bitácora en línea al instante obstétrica. Para crear informes para sus apreciaciones o evaluaciones, por favor vaya a www.onlineanaesthesia.com y haga clic en "Ver informe" en el menú de la izquierda. Cualquier pregunta, por favor admin@onlineanaesthesia.com correo electrónico




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