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Intel® TelePort Extender app brings your PC and (Android*) smartphone together for a better experience with both.(1) Using a secure home WiFi connection, you can text or chat with the added convenience of your PC’s larger screen and keyboard. You’ll also get caller ID, forwarding to voicemail, and access to your phone contact list right on your PC. So don’t miss a thing. With Intel® TelePort Extender, keep texting and caller information right at hand even when your smartphone’s not. [Another way Intel is helping you connect simply and seamlessly with the devices and information that matter most to you. Because when all your devices speak the same language, you can communicate better.]

• Better. Use your PC keyboard and screen for easier SMS text messaging and save copies for later reference.
• Convenient. See incoming calls and redirect to voicemail even when your phone is not right at hand.
• Secure. With an encrypted connection, your texting, caller and contact info are kept safe and private.
• Flexible. Connect many phones to one PC or many PCs to one phone.

Things to know

• SMS/text and Phone call history is read from the phone and not stored on PC. If you change phones, new SMS will be read from the new phone and you may not see messages from the old phone
• MMS message display on PC from phone is not supported at this time
• Global search function searches the last SMS on the phone and shows upto 200 search matches from the SMS stored on the phone
• Contact list are maintained on the phone and not edited by the TelePort Extender app. The app allows editing of the SMS/text number to enable correcting international codes, but it will not make changes to phone contacts
• Text messages or phone call alerts from any WiFi or VoIP app, other than native phone SMS/text and phone application will not be displayed on the phone
• When the mute option is clicked on a phone call notification window, the PC app will invoke the "reject call" function on the phone. Based on your phone settings, the call may be diverted to voice mail or muted or disconnected. Please adjust your phone settings to change this behavior as needed
• You can pair multiple phones to a PC, but SMS/text and phone call alerts from only one phone are displayed on the PC at a given time. When you select a PC name to connect to from the TelePort Extender app on the phone, SMS/txt messages and phone alerts from that phone will be sent to that PC

Legal Disclaimer
1) Requires a genuine Intel® processor-based computer with Windows* 7 Home Premium or better OS, Intel® TelePort Extender application installed on the sharing session host PC and each Android device (v2.2 or better). Host PC and devices must be connected to the same wireless network.

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.


Android 2.2.x 以上


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