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Horse Stable Tycoon Demo

Horse Stable Tycoon Demo

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首先,你买一匹马和喜欢的宠物,你必须照顾它。马有个性,所以他们将有特别的好恶。一组动态AI的情绪和声音会让你知道你的马是感觉究竟如何。您将有丰富多样的食品选择和手卫生方针。您必须手动扫马厩,用你的手指和中风的马放松并保持清洁。如果你的马生病了,你将有机会向当地兽医会给你一个受过教育的检查和药品。你甚至会得到当地动物沙龙自定义您的马匹。 Horse Stable Tycoon is a huge, exciting and progressive game that'll keep the user entertained for months. First you buy a horse and like a pet you must look after it. Horses have personalities, so they will have particular likes and dislikes. A dynamic set of AI emotions and sounds will let you know exactly how your horse is feeling. You will have a rich variety of food items to choose from and a hands on approach to hygiene. You must manually sweep the stables with your finger and stroke your horses to relax and keep them clean. If your horse becomes ill you'll have access to the local Veterinarian that will give you an educated check up and medicine. You'll even get to customize your horses at the local animal salon. Next you'll want to buy and collect yourself some of the hundreds of rich and realistic horse tack (accessories) so you're ready for training. You can either level your horse as a Race Horse, Show Horse or even both. With a maximum Level of 60 for both Race and Show skill you'll have a game that'll keep you happy for a very long time. Both types have their own unique attributes and skills to train in that'll help you when you go up against other horses in Competitions. This is where your horse really gets to shine as you unlock special prizes, money, achievements and trophies. Achievements provide you with little challenges which enable you to get some interesting and useful rewards that can improve your game-play. Trophies will go towards unlocking many increasingly spectacular new breeds. You can buy up to 25 stables which means you could have up to 25 unique horses playing simultaneously. This game can really be whatever you want it to be and can be played many different ways. Whether its focusing on looking after your pet, training for competitions, having many many horses, making money fast or unlocking the challenging achievements. So come join in the fun today as there are many exciting surprises to unlock! Suitable for all ages



- SD Card Support

- Changes made to horse generation in Competitions

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Horse Stable Tycoon Demo