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CAT MBA Exam Prep by MingleBox

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“Prepare for your CAT /MAT/XAT exams on the go with the ultimate resource which will fit right in your pocket“
Watch video tutorials by experts and get best tips, MBA related news directly on your smart phone. All you need to do is to download the “CAT MBA Exam Prep by MingleBox” app which is a leading app for MBA entrance exam preparation and provides beautiful user interaction, systematic practice tests and adaptive feedback.
Before writing an MBA entrance exam, you need to equip yourself with the best tools to get the best results and this app helps you in your endeavor to get into top B-Schools. With this app, you don’t need to lug heavy books around in your quest for exam preparation and you can keep on learning while you are on the move.
Now with a completely new look and with lots of improvements in usability, the CAT MBA Exam Prep by MingleBox app is a must for any MBA aspirant. The newly added social media integration tools help in easy sharing of the content with friends and newer test prep packs help for a rigorous exam preparation.
MBA entrance exam preparation made easy!
“CAT MBA Exam Prep by MingleBox” offers a vast library of practice questions written by expert tutors with detailed solutions. If you want to master the Quantitative Aptitude part which is a major component in any MBA entrance exam, including CAT/XAT/MAT/SNAP, you need expert advice and through analysis. With this app, you will get more than 10 hours of great video tutorials which will aid you in great detail about how to prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude questions. Unlike classroom learning, here you can pause, revise and move on to a new topic after comprehension.
Exam preparation is also about systematic study plan. You can chart your progress through the app which makes it easier to help you analyze your preparation and work on bettering strong zones and improve on weaker subject areas. You can also make notes while preparing through the app and later you can revisit it to research further on the topic. Learn new words and build your vocabulary with the new Word of the Day which provides you with more than 3,000 words with its meanings and usages.
Salient Features of CAT MBA Exam Prep app:
Now download the new version and access video tutorials, premium practice tests & word list along with the free prep material. Premium content includes:
-- Video Tutorials by Ravi Handa, IIT Topper and Quant Expert – 50 topics on Quantitative aptitude
-- Practice Tests with detailed explanations - 20 tests of 10 questions each
-- Word of the Day - 3000 words with meanings, usages
-- Tips and Mantras for the week - 5 tips per chapter to solve questions quicker
--GK Prep - Latest current affairs based on SNAP, IIFT, XAT pattern. 10 tests of 10 questions each
--MBA News and Updates
--GD PI Prep
What the users say:
“Nice and very user friendly application. It includes all relevant learning material under different sections.”
“An amazing app. Makes revising for CAT so much easier. Will definitely be using this!”
``Good app. I use it when I am on the go..travelling etc. Useful app..to a great extent.’’
Get the app today and gain full access to premium content with just Rs. 100 a month. While free learning materials and refresher tests are a great way to prepare for an entrance exam, premium content will provide you a great deal of access to our vast pool of exam preparation resources.
We value your feedback. Have any question or comments or problems with the payment gateway then please write to us at mbandroidteam@gmail.com
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Remember, great preparation is the key to ace any exam. So, all you need to do is download the “CAT MBA Exam Prep by MingleBox” now and leave your exam worries behind.
“在旅途中与最终的资源将满足就在你的口袋里准备你的猫/垫/ XAT考试”
“猫的MBA备考经MingleBox”提供的书面由专业导师提供详细的解决方案,练习题一个巨大的图书馆。如果你想掌握的定量能力部分这是在任何MBA联考的主要组成部分,其中包括CAT / XAT /垫/ SNAP,你需要专家的意见,并通过分析。有了这个程序,你会得到超过10个小时的大的视频教程将帮助您详细介绍有关如何为定量能力的问题做好准备。不同于课堂学习,在这里你可以暂停,修改和理解后,移动到一个新的话题。
- 视频教程由拉维函大,个人所得税礼帽和定量专家 - 50题的定量能力
- 实践检验,详细说明理由 - 每10个问题20测试
- 每日一词 - 3000单词的含义,用法
- 提示和咒语的一周 - 每章5个技巧,解决问题更快
--GK准备 - 基于SNAP,IIFT,XAT模式最新的时事。每10个问题10测试
--GD PI准备
获取应用程序的当前和充分进入优质内容,只需卢比。 100一个月。虽然免费的学习资料和复习测试是一个伟大的方式为入学考试做准备,优质内容将提供大量的访问,以我们丰富的考试资源池。


1. Increased test practice.
2. Minor bugs fixed.


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