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SBA and Federal Government resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs. ☆☆☆ Winner of Apps for Entrepreneurs Challenge from US Small Business Administration ☆☆☆ Introducing SBA Gems - An useful application for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find federal and SBA programs and resources to jump start or grow business. We hope that you will find this application useful and it will help you to utilize various resources and programs from SBA and Federal Government to grow your business. This is a starting point.We will love to add or enhance features which would help the business community, so please share your valuable inputs. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS:1. Find Business License and Permits requirements2. Find Federal Loan and Grants3. Browse Recommended Sites4. SBA and Federal Program Finder5. Small business Awards6. Find SBA near you7. Federal government Challenges8. Business News9. SBA Twitter feeds and SBA Videos10. Bookmarks OPTIMIZED FOR HONEYCOMB TABLETSA new Tablet user interface to provide you simplicity and ease of use. FEATURES DETAILS:☆ Business License and Permits - SBA.gov's Business License and Permit Search Tool provides small business owners with a list of federal, state and local permits, licenses, and registrations needed to run a business.☆ Federal Loan and Grants - SBA.gov's Loans & Grants Search API provides access to a collection of links to Federal, state, and local financial assistance programs that help small businesses get started or expand operations.☆ Recommended Sites - The Recommended Sites data set includes links to federal, state and local websites that are boosted to the top of organic search results for "long-tail" queries to improve the relevancy of web search results.☆ Small business programs - Find Small business programs n USA☆ Small business Awards - Find SBA Office using Zip code☆ Find SBA - Find SBA Office using Zip code☆ Challenges - Find challenges from Federal Government☆ News, Twitter feeds and SBA Videos ☆ Bookmarks - Save favorite information using bookmarks and access bookmarks from one single location from dashboard IMPORTANT APP NOTES:- SBA Gems Application requires Internet access to work. So please make sure that your device is connected to the internet when using this application. YOUR FEEDBACK IS VERY VALUABLE- We are always looking forward to your valuable feedback and ideas. Please share your experience with the app and let us know how we can improve. You can email us at apps@mobispectra.com or use the In App Feedback forms for this purpose. Thank you very much for your exceptional support.- We have done our best to test the App across different Android devices and form factors to create a high quality application. However there can be unique cases to which app wasn't exposed during development and may pose problems. In case you encounter any such problems, please report to us at apps@mobispectra.com and we will work with you to fix it ASAP. You are our most valued customers and we are committed to resolve issues you face while using this App. HELP US SPREAD THE WORDPlease help us spread the word by recommending SBA Gems application to your friends, family and writing a review. Once again thank you very much for your exceptional support. Keywords: SBA, Small Business Administration, Business, Loans and Grants, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Small Business loans, Business Compliance, Business Permits, Business Licenses, Federal Government Business Development programs, SBIR, sba.gov, data.gov




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