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Symptoms, epidemiology, and treatment for over 1,000 diseases and disorders.
The #1 annually updated text in internal medicine!
The book that puts the latest research where it belongs . . . into your practice
***This is a fully functional TRIAL!***
Written by clinicians renowned in their respective fields, CMDT offers the most current insight into symptoms, signs, epidemiology, and treatment for more than 1,000 diseases and disorders. For each topic, you’ll find concise, evidence-based answers to questions about hospital and ambulatory medicine. This streamlined clinical companion is the fastest and easiest way to keep abreast of the latest medical advances, prevention strategies, and cost-effective treatments.
Features and content critical to clinical practice:
* Strong emphasis on the practical aspects of clinical diagnosis and patient management in all fields of internal medicine
* Full review of all internal medicine and primary care topics, including gynecology and obstetrics, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, geriatrics, and palliative care
* The only text with an annual review of advances in HIV treatment
* Specific disease prevention information
* Drug treatment tables, with indexed trade names and updated prices – plus helpful diagnostic and treatment algorithms
* Recent references with PMID numbers
* Full-color photographs and illustrations
NEW to this edition:
* New chapter on Sports Medicine & Outpatient Orthopedics
* Extensive revision of medical and surgical conditions of pregnancy
* Updated coverage of evaluating fertility in women, immunization requirements, and the use and safety of nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs
* Extensive revision of Kidney Disease chapter
* New topics include snoring a selection of common musculoskeletal problems such as subacromial impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tear, anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus injuries, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and inversion and eversion ankle sprains
* S.I. units used throughout
The MSDict Dictionary Format
The 2011 CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment is here presented in MSDict electronic format. MSDict offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for any handheld platform.
* Quick dynamic search of words while you type
* Ability to add bookmarks to favorite words
* Hyperlinks between different related words
* History to see the last 50 words you have looked up
* Filters to help you locate the word you are searching for:
* Fuzzy filter- used when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word
* Keyword-used to locate the instances of a key word within other compound words
* Wild card - "?" and "*" replace a letter and group of letters in words
* Convenient two pane design for tablets
* Fast article scrolling
* Online and offline modes supported; the offline mode allows you to download the whole dictionary and work independently from data connections
* Ability to have dictionary Word of the day as a widget on the phone home screen
* Ability to search words in the installed dictionaries through the standard phone search feature
* Support for memory cards


此版本中的新功能:New Features in version 4.1.03

* New stylish design

* Ability to bookmark words and create favorites lists

* Two pane design for tablets

* Optimization for tablets with hardware keyboard


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Medical Diagnosis&Treatment T