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Top Music Charts, Music player, Video player, Listen - browse - buy online mp3s

Top Music Singles is a MUST app. This app will keep you updated on the move about every week's Top 50 Music Singles Charts from USA and UK (More Regions will come) with Titles, songs and the Ability To Listen Samples Live from your mobile phone and favorite them to your personal lists.

08/10 New Update! Integrated Ringtone and library Management Engine.

25/09 Finally 3.0 Version is HERE!!!

This is a small list regarding some updates :

+ New UI And New Engine.
+ Full Tablet Support.
+ YouTube Search Engine.
+ Ringtone Management.
+ Custom Favorite Lists for Videos and Music.
+ New tools for managing the songs on the playlists.
+ Music Videos Instant Search.
+ Bug Fixes and corrections.
! And many more new things and updates.
! Also Social Networks will be integrated soon.

01/09 New Update featuring Favorites and Playlists and Major Critical updates.

31/3 New Feature. Buy your favorite Music Singles Online.

03/03 New Feature video clips playback for the top 10. (Android Default Media Player must be installed and not removed.)

15/02 New feature Your choice Android Charts. You choose your favorite single using your android device and you participate in the new Android Charts powered by Top Music Singles.

14/02 Version 2.0 New UI update. New Media Player Engine (Now supports listening and browsing at the same time also closing the app will let the player in your notification bar working until you choose to close it)

Requires Internet Connection WIFI or 3G.

*Please have in mind that sometimes you may not be able to listen the songs due to HIGH loads of traffic on our servers. If you are waiting long enough and the player is not responding then close it and try later.

If you having problems with the app instead of rating low and provide useless commends Send us an email first and tell us your problem, your device and android version details. if we can’t succeed to provide you with an update or a fix then you are free to commend whatever you want.

We need your suggestions to improve our services for you. If you have a suggestion a feature request or even a problem please instead of rating low, send your feedback to http://feedback.oneosolutions.com and we will check your request and if its possible will be applied in the next version of the App.

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